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APOLOND-OFFICIAL-20211124-029-031.jpg Ceremonial

Scarlet and Gold returns to Cadogan Hall

For the first time since the start of the pandemic, the Massed Bands of the Household Division have returned to the stage for two nights of magnificent military music at the Scarlet and Gold Concert Series.

Published: 26 Nov 2021

APOLOND-OFFICIAL-20211124-028-001.jpg Operations

Parliament thanks airborne troops involved in Afghanistan evacuation

Airborne soldiers were on parade at the Houses of Parliament to be recognised for their efforts during the recent evacuation operation in Afghanistan.

Published: 24 Nov 2021

APONWP-OFFICIAL-20211123-030-023.jpeg People

Mugged 96-year-old war hero's medals replaced by serving soldier

A 96-year-old veteran whose war medals were ripped from his chest by a mugger while paying his respects at his local cenotaph has had them replaced by a serving soldier.

Published: 24 Nov 2021

APONEC-OFFICIAL-20210715-040-031.jpg People

Life as an infantry trainee in 2021

The British Army continues to develop its infantry training as the impact of the Future Soldier programme starts to take shape.

Published: 22 Nov 2021

APOSEC-OFFICIAL-20211110-032-137.jpg Training

Paratroopers showcase their firepower

Paratroopers have demonstrated the firepower that they could parachute in with during combat missions as the British Army’s global response force.

Published: 22 Nov 2021

APOHQ-OFFICIAL-20211119-084-001.jpeg People

Good luck Polar Preet!

British Army Captain aims to be the first woman of colour to complete a solo expedition in Antarctica.

Published: 21 Nov 2021

HSJ 1.jpg Operations

Army role in London Nightingale Hospital rewarded

An Army team who helped build London’s Nightingale Hospital in just 10 days have won a coveted award.

Published: 20 Nov 2021

APOLOND-OFFICIAL-20211116-026-040.jpg People

Soldiers from across Wales addressed MPs during an annual gathering in London

The Welsh Regiments’ Reception took place at Gwydyr House, the Office for the Secretary of State for Wales, which is adjacent to the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall.

Published: 19 Nov 2021

11X Schools' Day-5.JPG People

120 Students enjoy an away day with the Army in Maidstone

One hundred and twenty school pupils from across the South East of England descended on Invicta Park Barracks in Maidstone to enjoy a day out with the British Army.

Published: 17 Nov 2021

APONEC-OFFICIAL-20211114-065-025.jpg Remembrance

Remembrance across the British Army

Ceremonies to mark Remembrance Sunday have taken place across the UK this weekend with military personnel gathering to commemorate and remember their colleagues, friends and forbears.

Published: 15 Nov 2021