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ACCREG OFFICIAL 20232101 0047 Training

Marching into a new year with new skills

Families of Army Reservists beamed with pride despite the cold weather at the Pass Off Parade at Army Training Regiment (Grantham).

Published: 28 Jan 2023

AHQCPL5 OFFICIAL 20230119 015186 Deployments

The Queen's Royal Hussars and Challenger 2 tanks perfect their skills on Exercise Tallinn Dawn

The Queen’s Royal Hussars and their Challenger 2 main battle tanks take part in Exercise Tallinn Dawn, a Mission Ready Exercise in Germany ahead of their deployment to Estonia on Operation Cabrit 12.

Published: 26 Jan 2023

In the foreground, a male Army Officer is standing on a parade square facing a group of soldiers standing in lines.  They are all wearing grey greatcoats and maroon berets. The soldiers are wearing white belts and gloves.   In the background, behind the soldiers is a large light-coloured building at the edge of the parade square. Ceremonial

Airborne Engineers pass test for Royal guard duties

23 Parachute Engineer Regiment prepare to stand guard over the Royal Palaces as they complete their Fit For Role Inspection before commencing ceremonial duties

Published: 19 Jan 2023

20230108 PF Japan 1 O Training

Paratroopers jump into January in Japan

British paratroopers have earned their Japanese parachute wings, developing the ability of British airborne forces to work alongside our allies in the Pacific.

Published: 19 Jan 2023

Sol22 095 031 Future Soldier

New Apache trains to fight on the modern battlefield

The soldiers who operate the British Army’s Apache AH-64E Attack Helicopter are adapting their tactics to face the challenges of the modern battlefield and maximise the capabilities of the state-of-the-art aircraft.

Published: 09 Jan 2023

APOSEC OFFICIAL 20221111 041 069 Training

British and Moroccan paratroopers attack together

British and Moroccan paratroopers launched a joint attack at the culmination of Exercise Jebel Sahara, which aimed to build link between the two nations' armies and their shared readiness for desert operations.

Published: 06 Jan 2023

APOSEA OFFICIAL 20220510 006 126 Deployments

Army photographer takes NATO’s best photo of 2022

British Army photographer Corporal Rob Kane’s image of Pathfinders jumping by freefall parachute into Exercise Swift Response has been chosen as the best image taken of the work of the 30-nation strong NATO alliance in 2022.

Published: 16 Dec 2022

CFO Official 20221214 005 6 (1) Training

Sandhurst’s first Sovereign’s Parade in 70 years with Cadets receiving a King’s Commission

With a light dusting of snow, frosty temperatures and the Band of the Welsh Guards striking up a medley of carols and festive tunes, it really was the most wonderful time of the year for the 220 Officer Cadets of Commissioning Course 221.

Published: 16 Dec 2022

1AAC OFFICIAL Santa Visit0012 People

Santa calls on Army Air Corps to help deliver presents

1 Regiment Army Air Corps from the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton answered Santa’s call for help after his reindeer needed to take a breather.

Published: 09 Dec 2022

VigIsles2205 Training

Going big in Japan

The British Army is back in Japan. This month British Forces have worked alongside their Japanese partners on exercise Vigilant Isles 22 and the Band of the Coldstream Guards have toured Japan.

Published: 07 Dec 2022