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A400M Low Level Parachuting Trial (Sep 22) Original Image M17702 (1) Innovation

Paras make first Atlas jump

Paratroopers have made the first low-level parachute descents from the Royal Air Force’s A400M Atlas C Mk1 as the aircraft develops its tactical capabilities.

Published: 28 Sep 2022

APOSEA OFFICIAL 20220905 022 170 Future Soldier

British Army virtual EXPO brings Future Soldier to life

The British Army brought its Future Soldier transformation programme to life this month when it held the Army EXPO 22 on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire.

Published: 23 Sep 2022

AHQSSGT3 OFFICIAL 20220921 019 028 Innovation

Next generation vehicle for EOD soldiers announced

The new GASKET 3 bomb disposal vehicle’s Initial Operating Capability (IOC) was announced this week, following extensive consultations with the soldiers who will be using the new vehicle.

Published: 22 Sep 2022

DES OFFICIAL 20220921 DVD 7107 Innovation

Armoured vehicle anti-missile system going to next level

A £15 million boost funded by the British Army over the next three years will enable the latest development phase of its cutting-edge anti-missile system which aims to keep soldiers safer inside armoured vehicles.

Published: 21 Sep 2022

Swarming Drones Technology

British Army carries out successful Swarming Drone capability

A breakthrough in technology and innovation for the British Army took place on Salisbury Plain, last month, where a demonstration of multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems took place.

Published: 08 Sep 2022

APOWMID OFFICIAL 20220721 43 075 Equipment

Living in a material world

Advances in technology are driving change when it comes to the clothing worn by British soldiers.

Published: 04 Aug 2022

APONEC OFFICIAL 20220727 047 078 Deployments

Scandinavians join British forces for drills

The North Yorkshire-based Royal Lancers teamed up with the Royal Danish Army for Exercise Lucknow Lancer in Scotland last month.

Published: 02 Aug 2022

APOLOND OFFICIAL 20220715 079 043 Innovation

Blooming lovely! The Tower Guards protecting London’s precious wildlife

“As we move further into the 21st century it’s more apparent we need to look after the world we live in as well as the people that live in it.” Read how the Tower Guards are helping to save London's wildlife

Published: 25 Jul 2022

APONEC OFFICIAL 20221307 041 013 Training

Infantry and Engineers team up for ambitious Leeds exercise

2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment’s B Company joined forces with 21 Engineer Regiment in a breath-taking simulated assault on a disused block of city flats.

Published: 15 Jul 2022

APONEC-OFFICIAL-20221107-040-008.jpg Training

Going underground: Royal Engineers advance through the Yorkshire dark

Below the Leeds side streets, personnel from 21 Engineer Regiment slipped down into an array of tunnels to practice subterranean warfare on Exercise Hypogeal Bear this week.

Published: 12 Jul 2022