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British Army goes on the road to support earthquake victims in Turkey whilst military medics share skills

The British Army’s airborne medics have brought care to isolated rural communities in Turkey whose medical facilities have not reopened since the earthquake.

Published: 02 Mar 2023

AHQSGT1 OFFICIAL 20230313 003 1072 V2 What We Do

British Army gives mental healthcare after Turkey earthquake

A British Army mental health nurse is helping people suffering from the hidden wounds of the earthquake that struck Turkey, while looking after the medics caring for patients.

Published: 27 Feb 2023

AHQSGT1 OFFICIAL 20230313 003 556 Deployments

British Army medical treatment facility opens in Turkey

British Army medics have treated 86 patients in the first 24 hours of opening a medical treatment facility set up to support earthquake relief efforts in Turkey.

Published: 17 Feb 2023

Derby 1 People

Princess of Wales joins Army's polar world record breaker for inspirational school visit

The Princess of Wales joined the Army’s polar world record breaker Captain Preet Chandi to inspire children at a school in Derby.

Published: 09 Feb 2023

Two female Army chefs are standing in front of a kitchen preparation table looking at recipe books. They are both wearing traditional chef’s uniform: a tall white hat, double breasted-jacket, white aprons, and red neckerchiefs. In the background is a working kitchen with staff wearing the same uniform. Health

Military chefs go green in January

A collaboration with the food industry and a vegan charity has given military chefs the inspiration to get creative with entirely plant-based ingredients.

Published: 13 Jan 2023

Five people are standing in front of a new building. Three of them are dressed in blue suits, one in a grey suite and the final is a soldier wearing camouflage and a beret.   Two of them are standing to the left of a sign on the wall, marking the opening of the new building. The remaining three people are standing to the right of the sign. People

Larkhill Medical and Dental Centre officially opened

The official opening of the Larkhill Medical and Dental Centre in Wiltshire took place on Wednesday 30 November 2022, signifying the end of the Army Basing Programme.

Published: 02 Dec 2022

Sgt Adam Sefton QBR Health

International Men’s Day: Two soldiers’ stories

Today is International Men’s Day and, to help spark conversations about male physical wellbeing and mental health, two soldiers have shared their experiences of their own uniquely tough challenges.

Published: 19 Nov 2022

Sol22 OFFICIAL 20221117 103 004 Sport

British Army celebrates its sporting prowess

Men and women from across Army units and regiments have reached new heights in a range of sports including hockey, rugby, judo, boxing and triathlon among others.

Published: 18 Nov 2022

APOEMID OFFICIAL 20220720 089 004 People

Two inspirational soldiers carry Queen’s Baton

Crowds turned out to watch two soldiers, each with inspiring stories, carry the Queen’s Commonwealth Baton on part of its epic journey to Birmingham, the host city for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Published: 28 Jul 2022

An Irish Guardsman drinks from a water bottle in the heat of the Belizean jungle Ceremonial

British Army beats the heat  

On duty at the Tower of London as the temperature rises, the Irish Guards' experience as combat soldiers in some of the world’s hottest places is helping new soldiers cope with ceremonial duties in a heatwave

Published: 19 Jul 2022