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AHQCPL1 OFFICIAL 20220508 014 101 What We Do

Army photographers' favourite images of 2022

British Army photographers pick their favourite photos from 2022 and explain how they captured the images. The calibre of British Army photographers was demonstrated by Cpl Rob Kane whose image of Pathfinders jumping by freefall parachute into Exercise Swift Response was chosen as the best NATO image of 2022.

Published: 06 Feb 2023

On a jungle path, a white male British soldier is kneeling on the ground. He is wearing camouflage uniform and hat as well as camouflage cream on his face. He is holding a communication radio in his left hand, and a rifle in his right hand.      To his left on the ground is his bergen backpack. Behind him on the path is another kneeling soldier. There is dense jungle vegetation all around them. Innovation

Airborne signallers test Army’s new radio in the jungle

Airborne signallers are testing the Army’s new radios in the jungle, the most challenging environment for radio communications to work.

Published: 03 Feb 2023

APONEC OFFICIAL 20220830 051 130 Innovation

Recruits trial innovative marksmanship app

Army recruits have been trialling an innovative new system designed to dramatically enhance their marksmanship.

Published: 02 Feb 2023

Her Majesty The Queen Consort, Colonel of the Regiment    People

Her Majesty The Queen Consort’s first visit to the Grenadier Guards

Her Majesty The Queen Consort was appointed Colonel of the Grenadier Guards in December 2022. Today, Her Majesty visited the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards at their barracks in Aldershot for the first time since her appointment to the role and was warmly welcomed into the Regimental family.

Published: 31 Jan 2023

horsesreturn14 Ceremonial

From mud monsters to magnificent steeds: British Army horses transformed

The British Army’s military working horses have enjoyed a relaxing break from duties at the Defence Animal Training Regiment in Melton Mowbray. Now they return to Hyde Park Barracks to be washed, groomed, and cleaned as they resume ceremonial duties.

Published: 30 Jan 2023

ACCREG OFFICIAL 20232101 0047 Training

Marching into a new year with new skills

Families of Army Reservists beamed with pride despite the cold weather at the Pass Off Parade at Army Training Regiment (Grantham).

Published: 28 Jan 2023

45167865 (1) Deployments

The Queen's Royal Hussars and Challenger 2 tanks perfect their skills on Exercise Tallinn Dawn

The Queen’s Royal Hussars and their Challenger 2 main battle tanks take part in Exercise Tallinn Dawn, a Mission Ready Exercise in Germany ahead of their deployment to Estonia on Operation Cabrit 12.

Published: 26 Jan 2023

Image00041 People

Polar expedition world record for British Army captain

British Army physio ‘Polar’ Preet has made the furthest unsupported solo Polar ski expedition in history.

Published: 26 Jan 2023

Boxer IAV23 Technology

Armoured vehicles play central role in Future Soldier vision

As Britain prepares to send tanks to Ukraine in a military boost to the country, the British Army’s transformational industrial and equipment programmes remain at the very core of its vision for the future.

Published: 24 Jan 2023

1battLonG04 Ceremonial

HRH The Earl of Wessex marks the formation of 1st Battalion London Guards

HRH The Earl of Wessex marked the formation of 1st Battalion London Guards at a reception in London’s Cavalry and Guards Club.

Published: 23 Jan 2023