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A400M Low Level Parachuting Trial (Sep 22) Original Image M17702 (1) Innovation

Paras make first Atlas jump

Paratroopers have made the first low-level parachute descents from the Royal Air Force’s A400M Atlas C Mk1 as the aircraft develops its tactical capabilities.

Published: 28 Sep 2022

AHQSSGT3 OFFICIAL 20220921 019 028 Innovation

Next generation vehicle for EOD soldiers announced

The new GASKET 3 bomb disposal vehicle’s Initial Operating Capability (IOC) was announced this week, following extensive consultations with the soldiers who will be using the new vehicle.

Published: 22 Sep 2022

AHQCPL3 OFFICIAL 20220725 032 009 Deployments

Mission complete: helicopters return from eastern Europe

After initially being stood-up with just 24 hours’ notice to move in February, the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) deployment on Operation Peleda came to an end on 14 August 2022.

Published: 01 Sep 2022

APOWMID OFFICIAL 20220721 43 075 Equipment

Living in a material world

Advances in technology are driving change when it comes to the clothing worn by British soldiers.

Published: 04 Aug 2022

APOSEA OFFICIAL 20220714 018 043 Technology

Sit. Stay. Roll over?

16 Air Assault Brigade Combat Team is relishing the opportunity to be the first Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) enhanced brigade, complete with futuristic, mechanical dogs.

Published: 20 Jul 2022

AHQCPL3-OFFICIAL-20220705-028-227.JPG Equipment

Middle Wallop’s trainee Army Pilots climb aboard the AH-64E

The home of Army Aviation, Middle Wallop, is now operating the Army's latest addition to its aircraft inventory, the awe inspiring Apache AH-64E

Published: 12 Jul 2022

Ex Ramstein Legacy Deployments

Poland exercise shows NATO’s commitment to readiness

NATO alliance troops have been taking part in Ramstein Legacy, one of the largest ever exercises testing their Air and Missile Defence systems.

Published: 08 Jul 2022

Atlas image 2.jpeg Innovation

The Experimentation and Trials Group lead the way for the next generation

As the world adapts and changes to new technologies and the possibilities that they offer, the Experimentation and Trials Group lead the way in the need for adaptation and evolution.

Published: 25 May 2022

MINDEFNL-OFFICIAL-20220314-001-006.jpg Equipment

British Army to receive extra 100 Boxer vehicles

The British Army will be provided with an additional 100 cutting-edge Boxer vehicles.

Published: 08 Apr 2022

APOSEC-OFFICIAL-20220301-008-083.jpg Innovation

Eyes in the sky help paratroopers hit the target

Paratroopers have experimented with how they could use drones to spot targets and correct the fire of mortars during combat missions as the British Army’s global response force.

Published: 07 Apr 2022