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Uk Swe 18 Future Soldier

Action-packed first year for Ranger Regiment

Formed on 1 December 2021, the Army’s Ranger Regiment operates in complex environments. A year on, they’re working alongside our partners to train and counter our enemies.

Published: 01 Dec 2022

ACSSU 20221113 0226 JEBEL SAHARA A400 Container Drops 0189 Training

Paratroopers receive long distance supplies by air

British paratroopers taking part in the Exercise Jebel Sahara in Morocco received supplies by air dispatch from the UK.

Published: 16 Nov 2022

APOLOND OFFICIAL 20221104 129 072 Innovation

Project Convergence 22: Rangers and Yorkshire Regiment lead the way

During this month, 450 soldiers from the British Army’s 20th Armoured Brigade Combat Team are in the US to conduct experimentation using innovative new systems and methods.

Published: 10 Nov 2022

APOLOND OFFICIAL 20221017 114 013 Innovation

Project Convergence 22: What is Sensor-Decider-Effector?

During October and November, 450 soldiers from the British Army, headed up by the 20th Armoured Brigade Combat Team, are working with US and Australian partners to conduct experimentation using innovative new systems and methods.

Published: 31 Oct 2022

AHQCPL1 OFFICIAL 20221028 029 903 Deployments

Exercise Cerberus 22: demonstrating the Warfighting Division is ready to deploy

The biannual Exercise Cerberus is taking place in Germany this year. It is the largest British Army Field exercise of the year and the largest to take place in central Europe for more than a decade.

Published: 31 Oct 2022

CER OFFICIAL 20221024 001 001 Deployments

Exercise Cerberus 22 - British Army’s largest European exercise in a decade

Ex Cerberus 22 is the British Army’s largest field exercise of 2022 with nearly 3500 troops and up to 800 vehicles involved. It is also the Army’s largest exercise on the continent for over a decade.

Published: 24 Oct 2022

APOWMID OFFICIAL 20221020 066 318 Training

Soldiers embrace the dark below in Wiltshire exercise

The Army Reserve infantry units of the 20th Armoured Brigade Combat Team (20 ACBT) combined their firepower and went underground as part of Exercise Spearpoint in October.

Published: 24 Oct 2022

IMG OC Handshake Press Training

British Army rotates troops in Poland as part of NATO’s enhanced forward presence

The Royal Lancers have taken over from the Royal Dragoon Guards as part of the British commitment to NATO's US-led Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup in Poland.

Published: 18 Oct 2022

APOEMID OFFICIAL 20220829 114 001 Deployments

Noble team have Georgia on their mind in NATO-supported exercise

Over 2,000 personnel from a range of armed forces, including those of the UK, US, host nation Georgia, Sweden, Japan, and others took part in a massive set of military drills that ended in September.

Published: 15 Oct 2022

SWE OFFICIAL 20220927 001 018 Deployments

New bonds forged between British and Swedish Rangers

Exercise Jagare, a Swedish Armed Forces led reconnaissance exercise which took place in Arvidsjaur recently involving the 3rd Battalion the Ranger Regiment and Sweden’s Norrland Dragoon Regiment.

Published: 14 Oct 2022