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FRPUN-20220625-BF0088-013.jpeg Armed Forces Week

The voices of Armed Forces Day 2022 in Scarborough

As the curtain falls on a tremendous success in the northern seaside town, the personnel of the 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment describe their thoughts on the occasion.

Published: 27 Jun 2022

FRPUN-20220317-BO0005-075.jpg.iCem2pnGMWATAA.8s4NUcdFwx.jpg Armed Forces Week

Scarborough is ready to showcase bond between military and society

The national Armed Forces Day event, which is the culmination of Armed Forces Week, will take place in Scarborough on Saturday in front of thousands of members of the public.

Published: 24 Jun 2022

Shema Wright 003.jpg Armed Forces Week

Shema has goals on and off the court

Every journey starts with one step. How far you go on that journey can be influenced by lots of different factors. Motivation is one of those factors and it can come from anywhere and at any point in your life.

Published: 23 Jun 2022

Profile Pic 1.jpg Armed Forces Week

Building capacity through teamwork and experience

As memories of the Covid pandemic begin to fade the collective experience of that time has yet to be definitively written. Yet for some that time of national and international crisis will remain with them for years and no doubt will inform how the UK and its partners approach a similar crisis should it occur again.

Published: 23 Jun 2022

Sol22-049-012.jpg Armed Forces Week

Army Captain makes long-distance triathlon history

To defy the impossible, to push your body beyond the peak of known human capability and to have the mindset to drive it there is what Royal Army Medical Corps Physiotherapist, Captain Kat Matthews has achieved in remarkable style.

Published: 22 Jun 2022


My Army Reservist training helped me save a life

Witnessing the physical and mental effects that trauma can have on serving personnel and their loved ones acted as a military calling for Private Lisa Whitcombe from Plymouth, making her want to do something worthwhile and give something back to the military.

Published: 20 Jun 2022

APOSEC-OFFICIAL-20220620-027-029.jpg (1) Armed Forces Week

Armed Forces Day flag flies over Colchester

A fanfare of trumpets from British Army Band Colchester heralded Armed Forces Day in Colchester.

Published: 20 Jun 2022

APONWP-OFFICIAL-20220620-023-003.jpeg Armed Forces Week

Whitby hosts the Army's start to Armed Forces Week

Whitby was the setting for the Army’s version of the official Armed Forces Week flag raising on the morning of 20 June.

Published: 20 Jun 2022

DDC-OFFICIAL-20220620-178-0208.jpg Armed Forces Week

Flags rise across the UK to mark the start of Armed Forces Week

Across the country flag raising ceremonies have taken place to kickstart the events of Armed Forces Week. Flags were raised on public buildings, council offices, London City Hall and the Houses of Parliament to pay tribute to the UK’s servicemen and women ahead of the National Armed Forces Day.

Published: 20 Jun 2022

Armed Forces Day celebrated in Wales and Northern Ireland Armed Forces Week

Armed Forces Day celebrated in Wales and Northern Ireland

Thousands of people turned out to enjoy Armed Forces Day celebrations in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Published: 20 Jun 2022