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APOHQ OFFICIAL 20220922 046 001 Deployments

Earl of Wessex visits riflemen in Estonia

Soldiers from 2 RIFLES were honoured to host their Royal Colonel, His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex, on 22 Sep 22 at their camp in Estonia.

Published: 28 Sep 2022

APOSEC OFFICIAL 20220915 036 110 Deployments

Paratroopers learn to lead the way in Slovenia

Paratroopers have scaled new heights and built partnerships with NATO allies during demanding training in the mountains of Slovenia.

Published: 26 Sep 2022

20220921 Op CABRIT TOA PARADE 10 Deployments

British Army rotates troops in Estonia continuing support of NATO

As part of the regular rotation of forces, the British Army’s King’s Royal Hussars formally take over from The Royal Welsh to lead NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup in Estonia.

Published: 23 Sep 2022

DDU 20220817 019 Ex Dragon Charge 073 Training

Royal Welsh Battlegroup conducts final exercise in Estonia

Over 800 British, French and Danish troops have conducted Exercise Dragon Charge on the Tapa Central Training Area in Estonia to reaffirm their interoperability and agility. It was the final, major, force-on-force exercise for the Royal Welsh-led Battlegroup, who come to the end of their six-month tour in Estonia serving as NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) on Europe’s eastern flank.

Published: 02 Sep 2022

AHQCPL3 OFFICIAL 20220725 032 009 Deployments

Mission complete: helicopters return from eastern Europe

After initially being stood-up with just 24 hours’ notice to move in February, the Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) deployment on Operation Peleda came to an end on 14 August 2022.

Published: 01 Sep 2022

1 Royal Irish soldiers on Exercise Platinum Lion 22 (3) Deployments

Royal Irish Regiment soldiers join forces with US and Bulgarian troops on Exercise Platinum Lion

Soldiers from three nations with one goal have come together on a training exercise in Bulgaria.

Published: 11 Aug 2022

AHQCPL3 OFFICIAL 20220725 032 059 Deployments

Vigilant Fox strengthens UK, Finnish and USA ties

Around 150 British Army and Royal Air force personnel have deployed to Finland alongside US and Finnish armed forces for Exercise Vigilant Fox. The deployment follows the UK’s joint security declaration with Finland, signed in May.

Published: 09 Aug 2022

20220409 Padre Kinch CABRIT10 Potrait (1) Who We Are

Deployment pays testament to Padre’s all-inclusive service

British Army Chaplain Christopher Kinch based in Tidworth, Wiltshire with 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh has been overseas numerous times in his military career but his deployment on Operation CABRIT in Estonia saw him achieve a career first.

Published: 27 Jul 2022

DDC OFFICIAL 20220716 216 0140 Operations

Belgium comes to London to remember its war dead

Each July, the British Army supports a unique Belgian Parade that takes place in London to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms from both sides of the Channel.

Published: 18 Jul 2022

22-07-06_AMSCC_ETH Normandie ESM3-99.jpg Heritage

Exercise Normandy Scholar - learning from the past to protect the future

The battlegrounds of Northern France were the recent ‘war studies’ location for the officer cadets from the British Army’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) as their theories were tested on the Second World War sites of Normandy.

Published: 11 Jul 2022