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Tank Museum A Mark IV (Male) Tank Equipment

World’s oldest tank regiment commemorates Cambrai Day

Cambrai Day (November 20) is an annual commemoration that honours the British soldiers who fought in the Battle of Cambrai during World War I - the first ever large-scale use of tanks in warfare.

Published: 20 Nov 2023

Lance Bombardier Morrissey is on the top of a hill wearing his camouflaged Army uniform and cap. He has both hands on an grey unmanned aerial system, which has a wing span of around 10 feet he is about to launch. People

Lance Bombardier Harry Morrisey's eyes in the sky

After growing up in Manchester and moving around due to the Army, Lance Bombardier Harry Morrisey, 22, is excited to be on the move once again.

Published: 07 Nov 2023

Man SV trucks en-route through Albania heading for Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. In the distance there is a mountain range. Operations

Projecting power and presence at pace

In the 24 years of the Kosovo Force's (KFOR) presence, providing a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement within the region, the British Army's Strategic Reserve Force (SRF) has never been called into action. That was all to change on 24th September this year.

Published: 20 Oct 2023

AHQCPL13 OFFICIAL 20231014 30 006 Deployments

Royal Engineers in Kosovo rid school of snakes

Sappers from 37 Field Squadron, 32 Regiment Royal Engineers have been using their kit and expertise to come to the aid of a school close to where they are currently stationed at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo.

Published: 18 Oct 2023

DSC2951 (1) Deployments

'Thanks for the coffee…unfortunately you're captured'

All’s fair in love and war including impersonating the enemy as soldiers from The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s Own) proved on a recent NATO exercise.

Published: 18 Oct 2023

Light Infantry Lcpl Viner People

‘So much to do in Army Reserve I don’t want to miss a thing’

Lance Corporal Troy Viner found so many exciting opportunities with the Army Reserve after graduating from university he decided to delay seeking a civilian job.

Published: 17 Oct 2023

AHQCPL13 OFFICIAL 20231009 30 012 (3) Operations

'Tigers' pounce as Strategic Reserve Force activated for Kosovo

The Army's Strategic Reserve Force Battlegroup has rapidly deployed troops from the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment to Kosovo to support NATO-led peacekeeping operations in the Balkans.

Published: 16 Oct 2023

Sig Chan 5 People

'I joined the British Army for family honour’

Joining the British Army has made Signaller Manoj Chan’s community proud and helped him support his family.

Published: 09 Oct 2023

The Army Team of four tand on their boat with mountains and low cloud behind them in Kauai, known as the ‘Garden Isle’ of Hawaii at the end of their 35 day, 2800 row across the Pacific. Two of the team are wearing shorts and dark blue tops. Two of the team are shirtless. They have arms aloft with an orange flare lighting up the crew and boat in the dimming light. What We Do

Army officers battle fierce storms to complete world’s toughest row across the Pacific

Intrepid ocean rowers from The Royal Yorkshire Regiment have overcome fierce storms and 40ft waves to complete an epic 2800-mile row across the Pacific Ocean.

Published: 30 Sep 2023

Canadian 15092023 100 07 Training

British Army trains Ukrainian soldiers in mine disposal skills

Royal Engineers are delivering world-leading training to Ukraine's combat engineers in Poland, with 1,500 mine detectors having been provided to Ukraine by the UK.

Published: 28 Sep 2023