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Sense, decide, effect and sustain: the crucial data kill chain

In February and March 2024, over 600 British Army troops took part in a major war-fighting experiment in California, along with thousands of soldiers from six partner nations.

Project Convergence Capstone 4 provided evidence that will help shape the British Army of 2030.

In the Mojave Desert, cutting-edge systems and technologies, designed to help make the British Army more lethal on the battlefield, were tested.

The focus of the war-fighting experiment was to cut back on time and complications in the ‘sensor-decider-effector-sustainer’ kill chain.

The network of information systems deployed on the modern battlefield plays a vital role.

If the vast amounts of data flying around are not properly processed, commanders cannot make sense of the battlefield and make the decisions needed to defeat the enemy.

Watch this video where personnel explain how the ‘sense’, ‘decide’, ‘effect’ and ‘sustain’ elements of the kill chain link together.