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MOD confirms the death of Private Adam Brocklehurst

It is with immense sadness we confirm the death of Private (Pte) Adam Brocklehurst of the Infantry Training Centre Support Battalion on 20th September 2023. He died whilst on exercise at Sennybridge Training Area in Wales. He was 27 years old. Our thoughts are with Pte Brocklehurst’s family and friends at this sad time.

Private Adam Brocklehurst

Private Brocklehurst was a driver within 400 Troop, Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Support Battalion. He joined the Army in May 2019 and his passion for his new career really stood out.

After completing basic training at the Army Training Regiment Winchester, he continued his trade training at the Defence School of Transport, Leconfield, to complete his driver training.

His first posting to regimental duty was with 3 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, Abingdon as a Driver Class 3.

He quickly became a popular, valuable, and charismatic member of the troop where he completed various exercises (Ex Iron Viper, Ex Timber Truss, and role-played civilian population) within the UK.

In August 2022 he was assigned to the Infantry Training Centre Support Battalion and joined 400 Troop. In this role, he was employed as the motor transport lead, to support multiple combat infantry courses all over the UK.

Pte Brocklehurst was excellent at his job and had a very keen eye for detail and policy. He was always keen to understand what he was doing and why and would look to identify areas where he could add value.

He was a mature soldier who was intelligent and never afraid to challenge the chain of command when necessary. He proved this by educating a young officer on a defensive exercise when he thought he knew more about driving than Adam, the true professional.

On his arrival at 400 Troop, Pte Brocklehurst firmly set his sights on gaining his coach licence and improving his qualifications. His colleague Corporal Gurung said: “He chased me down until he finally got the qualification. His drive and determination were unquestionable.”

Pte Brocklehurst used these qualifications to ensure that he was the best he could be. He was loyal, committed, and resilient. Never did he moan or complain, he just adapted and soon realised it was better to do the necessary tasks and do them well which made him stand out from his peers. Pte Brocklehurst was already showing great leadership qualities and was an Army leader of the future.

His outstanding work ethic and professionalism as a soldier is only a part of what defined his time in 400 Troop and within the Royal Logistic Corps. Because of the nature of military training and the work he did within the Corps, there were unique opportunities for him and other soldiers to become the best of friends in a way that differs from friendships that exist in the civilian world. He made some wonderful friendships, and his loss is a huge blow to 400 Troop and Support Battalion.

To lose a person of this quality and level of professionalism in such tragic circumstances is very hard to process. His closest friends and the wider battalion are devastated. His memory will be honoured within the troop and battalion, and he is fondly remembered as a caring, loyal, kind, and joyful character. Adam Brocklehurst will be sadly missed.

Lt Col Phil Morgan – CO ITC said:

“Private Adam Brocklehurst was a charming and delightful individual. He had an infectious personality and was always quick for a laugh and took any opportunities he could.

“Since arriving at ITC in August 2022, he had worked hard over the past year and was a standout performer across his troop, exuding loyalty, selfless commitment, and respect for others. He was showing great potential as a future leader.

“Tragically his career and life has been cut too short. Our deepest condolences are with his family during this sad time.”

Major Raju Dura – Officer Commanding, Training Support (BABAJI) Company said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was assigned to Training Support (BABAJI) Company in August last year. He was a professional and dedicated soldier who had a positive attitude towards both his profession and his team.

“His persistent high standards, eye for detail and caring towards others made him a well-regarded member in the company. His dedication to deliver the Combat Infantry Course to training teams was exceptional.

“He passed away doing the job that he loved the most. We deeply miss him. On behalf of the company, I would like to extend sincere condolences to his loving family and friends.”

Captain Leanne Parkes – Motor Transport Officer said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was assigned to 400 Troop in August 2022. First impressions count and he seriously impressed. He was determined and always pushed to be better.

“This made him an excellent role model to the younger members of the troop. He was the ‘all-rounder’ soldier who was fit, looked the part, and had trade knowledge and skills to match.

“He also had the ability to not moan when times were tough. This made him stand out from the crowd. He loved being in the Army and he loved being a driver. He once described it as ‘the best job in the world’.

“We loved having him in the team and his loss leaves a devastating hole within the troop. Our condolences are with his son and the rest of his family and friends.”

Private Pritchard – 400 Troop said:

“I met Brock in June 2021 when I arrived at 3 Regiment RLC. What a mature, loving and caring man he was. When Pte Brocklehurst was around, you were never alone.

“You could see the smile on his face a mile away. He was a man that loved the gym. It was his pride and joy; if he missed a day in the gym, you wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“Friday was personally mine and Brock’s favourite day. We would have a few drinks in the block, a takeaway and didn’t have to think about work the next morning. When he was in the block he was always laughing, listening to music, and playing his Xbox. My thoughts are with his son and family during these sad times.”

Private Evison – 400 Troop said:

“Brock and I have spent the last 4 years living and working together at 400 Troop as well as 3 Regiment RLC. We’ve had many experiences together, both in work and on training exercises.

“Even when things weren’t enjoyable, he was always smiling. Brock was an amazing soldier and was extremely knowledgeable about his job. He would assist with guidance whenever needed. Brock was a man’s man, a pleasure to be around and was an honour to know and work with.”

Private Routledge – 400 Troop said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was kind, polite and always had a smile on his face. He would always offer a helping hand if anyone needed it within work. We would talk about football every Monday morning, asking each other what games we would be going to next and what games were happening that week. He was football mad. My love and strength go out to his son and to the family.”

Private Barber – 400 Troop Driver said:

“I first met Adam when I arrived at 3 Regiment RLC. Adam was the most kind, caring and funny person you could ask to meet. He always had time for all, no matter how busy he was.

“Adam was an exceptional soldier with an amazing future ahead of him. I couldn’t be any prouder to have worked alongside him. He was a very fit and motivated person who had so much potential, an amazing friend and just a wonderful person in general.

“Adam was always cheerful; he was football mad and was a passionate Formula One fan. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. He was the heart and soul of everyone’s life when he entered it, he will be deeply missed.”

Private Wheeler – 400 Troop Driver said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was a very good friend to everyone in the troop. He was a kind, funny and joyful man. He would always lend a hand and do it with a smile. On behalf of all his friends from 400 Troop, I give our condolences to his family and friends. May he be at rest.”

Private Wilson – 400 Troop Driver said:

“Adam Brock was a top lad and was a good friend. He was someone you could have a laugh with, and he was always had the time of day for you. He will be missed by the troop. I feel so sorry for his family.”

Private Hughes – 400 Troop Driver said:

“Pte Adam Brocklehurst was one of the most hard working and honest individuals I knew, he never complained about anything. He was a very family orientated man and worshipped the ground his son walked on.

“He loved where he came from, the city of Salford, and always made great light of Salford Red Devils relegating Hull KR back in 2016. My deepest condolences go out to his family and especially to his son during this difficult time.”

Private Shannon – 400 Troop Driver said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was a very respected individual within 400 Troop. He was always a happy person. He was a hard worker and always did his job to the best of his ability. He will be deeply missed by all within the troop. My condolences are with his family and friends throughout this difficult time.”

Sergeant Thapa – 400 Troop Sergeant said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was a determined and selfless individual. His personality was infectious, and he was very well liked among the troop cohort. He loved every minute of being in the Army and the troop will miss his presence. Our condolences are with his family members, especially his son.”

Lance Corporal Phelemon Rai – 400 Troop Section Second in Command said:

“Pte Brocklehurst was a very good soldier and on top of that a very good friend. He was a cheerful person. We both worked together for more than a year in 400 Troop and were deployed to Otterburn on exercise as drivers.

“We were training together to do Paras 10 on 30th September. He was very keen on what he was doing and always tried his hardest at everything he did. He was always ready to help and support. It is very hard to believe that he has left us before his time. He will always be my thoughts and memory. My deepest condolences are with his son and family.”