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Army specialists scuppering the will of our adversaries

One of the elements being showcased at the Army Expo 22 was the Constrain stand led by 6th (United Kingdom) Division (6 (UK) Div). The focus here is to show how the British Army limit and restrict adversaries by undertaking operations to undermine the will and cohesion of the enemy.

6 (UK) Div brings together specialists from across the Army with the skills required to help develop and deliver operations at home and abroad.

The Army Special Operations Brigade, with the Ranger Regiment at its heart, and 77th Brigade, an engine for novel information warfare, these specialist formations work alongside Field Army Troops to deliver unique capabilities which benefit the Army, Defence and the wider government.

Major General Gerald Strickland DSO MBE, General Officer Commanding 6 (UK) Div said:

“What people are seeing at the Constrain stand is a demonstration of how partnered operations are being conducted – bringing the full range of multi-domain effects to the support of allies to directly influence and constrain our adversaries, before and during conflict.”

And he adds:

“What you are witnessing is a snapshot of the Ranger Regiment’s capabilities and equipment, augmented with assets from Field Army Troops, which gives you an insight to the direction of Future Soldier within the division. With 77 Brigade’s activities being the epitome of CGS Op Mobilise with its digital expertise.”

Visitors are taken on an immersive journey looking into the working of the operations centre before moving forward to eastern Europe on the other side of the road. Here we see the Ranger regiment in their new specialist equipment including their new CRYE clothing, briefing the partner force on the latest intelligence which they then corroborate from their own sources.  As a result of this, the deliberate detention operation is given the go-ahead conducted by the partner force supported by the Ranger regiment and Field Army Troops augmentees.

Officer Commanding C Company 2nd Battalion The Ranger Regiment, Major James Beckett said:

“Our role here is supporting and enabling the partner force through NLAW (Next Generation Anti-tank weapon) training, medical support, and electronic warfare and surveillance assets.

Adds Major Beckett:

Our training, combined with the latest kit and equipment, allows us to better fuse multiple sources of information, drawn from 6XX Operations Centre and from across the broader Army to deliver it directly at the point of need for our partners and deliver strategic advantage.”

The intelligence picture confirms the need for a deliberate partner force detention operation. The mission concludes with evidence being collected and exploited with real time reach back to the UK and our global partners.

Corporal Steven Mather C Company 2nd Battalion The Ranger Regiment said:

“I have gone from specialised infantry to a Ranger Battalion. This has given me the opportunity to better understand how to enable our partners to solve their problem