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Twins lead Pipes and Drums at Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Two sets of brothers, including a pair of identical twins, from The Royal Regiment of Scotland (SCOTS) are leading the Pipes and Drums in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (REMT) 2022, marking a historical moment for the regiment. The Muir twins as Pipe Major and Drum Major of the 3rd Battalion (3 SCOTS), and the Grant brothers as Pipe Major and Drum Major of the 4th Battalion (4 SCOTS).

For the last 12 years this is the only job in the British Army I have wanted, and it makes it special to share the roles and responsibilities with my brother. Sergeant Peter Muir, 3 SCOTS

Twins Sergeant James Muir and Sergeant Peter Muir, of Kirkcaldy in Fife, Pipe Major and Drum Major respectively, have recently taken up the key appointments following 16 years’ service together. The brothers joined the Army in 2006 and are currently based with 3 SCOTS in Fort George, Inverness.

The brothers have embraced the ethos of the pipes and drums, combining their roles as operational soldiers and musicians. From deploying together to Afghanistan, to James being awarded top student on his Pipe Major Course and Peter’s success as an instructor at the Army Foundation College Harrogate, their military experience is indicative of the opportunities provided by the Army.

Having served in more than 12 countries; including France, India, Jordan and Sweden, the brothers’ new roles will see them start closer to home as they lead the Pipe Band through its involvement in the REMT.

Sergeant James Muir, said: “It is always an honour to lead this band out anywhere as Pipe Major and I have enjoyed this on many occasions already. This included taking the band abroad to Basel, playing our Raising the Nations Spirit tour after the pandemic and playing for Her Majesty The Queen at her private residence in Balmoral. Nothing will beat sharing the stage with my brother though, to put our own little mark in a Regiment and Battalion, that is already in itself steeped in tradition and history”

Sergeant Peter Muir, said: “For the last 12 years this is the only job in the British Army I have wanted, and it makes it special to share the roles and responsibilities with my brother. We have done everything together and this is just another moment to share. From being on my first tattoo as a side drummer to leading the pipe band on the esplanade has been a brilliant journey, I will do the Battalion and the Regiment proud for my stint as Drum Major”

A family affair

Colour Sergeant Peter and Sergeant Ruaridh Grant will also be performing as Pipe Major and Drum Major, leading the Pipes and Drums of Catterick-based 4 SCOTS. 

Last year the Grant brothers made regimental history as the first brother combination since the formation of the SCOTS to hold the appointment of Pipe Major and Drum Major at the same time.

The brothers, of Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, joined the Army in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Although they are both highly skilled and qualified pipers and drummers, they are also trained assault pioneers and professional infantry soldiers who have separately served in Canada, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In April last year Pipe Major Peter Grant had the honour of being the lone Piper at the funeral of HRH Prince Philip, Royal Colonel of 4 SCOTS.

Pipers and Drummers are an integral part of the Battalions; soldiers first and foremost, they are dual trained as assault pioneers and serve with the Regiment in conflicts all over the world. A testament of the versatility it takes to be part of this unique group of soldiers.