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US Army Brigadier General takes up new role with The Iron Division

A new Deputy Commanding General has joined the 3rd (United Kingdom) Division Headquarters in Bulford, Wiltshire from the United States Army further cementing ties between our two nations.

Underlining the importance of operating seamlessly with our NATO allies, Brigadier General (BG) Matthew Brown takes up the position of second in command of the British Army’s Warfighting Division for the next two years.

Major General James Martin DSO OBE MC, General Officer Commanding 3rd (United Kingdom) Division explains how the role came about:

The 3rd (United Kingdom) Division is the Warfighting Division, that is what we are known as and that is effectively our role. There is a very close and long-standing relationship with the US Army and ourselves. By way of example, Brigadier General Brown was part of the 3rd US Corps previously, within which this division has fought on many exercises, including Warfighter. So, it’s a long standing and very important relationship between warfighting professions.

3rd (United Kingdom) Division, based at the heart of the British Army on Salisbury Plain, is the only division at continual operational readiness in the UK.

'The Iron Division' is made up of 1st Deep Reconnaissance Strike Brigade Combat Team, 12th Armoured Brigade Combat Team, 20th Armoured Brigade Combat Team, 101st Operational Sustainment Brigade, 7th Air Defence Group, 25 (Close Support) Engineer Group, 7 Signals Group and the Divisional Information Manoeuvre Group.

The opportunity to be here again and reinforce that special relationship and to further the interoperability that we already enjoy is something I want to continue to invest in. Brigadier General Matthew Brown

Bringing a wealth of experience, BG Brown will deploy with the Iron Division on the upcoming exercises Cerberus and Warfighter, where the Division will be put through its paces to validate its warfighting competency.

BG Brown says he is looking forward to this next challenge in his career:

“I am ridiculously excited to be part of this Warfighting Division and to be able to contribute, to learn and to be a part of the readiness of this formation, to invest in our common profession and to be a part of this team that I have had the pleasure of serving with before during my career.”

Appointments of this nature are not un-common. This news comes hot on the heels of 1st (United Kingdom) Division recently announcing that they are to be led by Brigadier General Jean Laurentin from the 1re (French) Division A move seen as another symbol of an enduring and strong friendship between nations. There are also several exchange officers on both sides of the Channel enhancing military interoperability.

BG Brown adds that over the coming months he aims to bring much of his experience to the Iron Division:

“There’s going to be a big focus on Combined Arms and how we deliver readiness as the UK’s Warfighting Division. I’ve had the opportunity to do this at various levels in the United States and it will be great to integrate those into everything else that this Division is doing and to deliver this to the UK.”

And on that special bond between our two nations:

“The opportunity to be here again and reinforce that special relationship and to further the interoperability that we already enjoy is something I want to continue to invest in.”

With the flags of the United Kingdom and United States of America blowing in unison in the wind outside, a piping ceremony welcomed Brigadier General Brown to his new home at 3rd (United Kingdom) Division Headquarters in Bulford. Major General James Martin, finally:

“Bearing in mind the context of what is happening in eastern Europe now. I can think of no time at which this was as or more important than maintaining the solidarity between the United States and British Army’s and this addition is a demonstration of that commitment.”