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Royal recognition for RLC Logistician

Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Andrea Pearson, Royal Logistic Corps, of the Stafford Detachment Regional Command, is being recognised in the latest Operational Awards List with a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service.

SSgt Pearson, a Movement Controller with the RLC, is cited for ensuring the successful drawdown and redeployment of equipment from Afghanistan last year. She was already deployed on an operation in support of the drawdown when the Taliban took back control of the country.

On learning of her awards, she said: “It’s amazing. I was so surprised. I’ve previously received commendations but not at that level. It’s so reassuring to get thanked for the work you’ve done.”

SSgt Pearson’s citation states: “Her expertise was critical to the success of the operation. She was the most senior logistician to operate successively in three locations and her technical acumen, extraordinary energy and attention to detail ensured all three Theatre Drawdown Units (TDU) achieved their missions to redeploy equipment and freight to the Strategic Base on time and in good order.”

“I was happy I was going to be involved,” said SSgt Pearson, whose hometown is Warrington. “At first I didn’t know to what extent. I was asked if I would go to Minhad (UAE), and when the freight and everything sent out for Op Pitting was brought back, I sorted it out and made sure it was moved back to the UK and other locations in good order.”

During SSgt Pearson's 27 years in the British Army, she has served on operations in Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan. She said: “It was good to support something that saved a lot of people’s lives. It was interesting because it was different from any other operation I’d been on.”

Armed Forces Operational Awards List Number 57 is published in the London Gazette on 13 May 2022. It includes awards in respect of worldwide operations for the period from 1 April 2021-30 September 2021.

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