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Queens Platinum Jubilee Royal: Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Formed in the Second World War on 1 October 1942 to professionalise engineering in the Army, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) consisted of 160,000 soldiers, today they are 8600 strong. They have been involved in every major Army operation since our formation, from warfighting to Humanitarian Aid.

The equipment has advanced significantly over time, as has their training and expertise, their soldiers and officers continue to ensure that all equipment is available to the user.

The role of the REME is to maintain all the equipment the British Army operates. They do this by recovering and repairing equipment as far forward as possible on the battlefield, from the front line to the rear supply area. REME soldiers serve as an integral element of virtually every major unit in the Army.

Looking to the future, the REME have a new unit to form; 9 Theatre Support Battalion REME. More widely, 7 Aviation Support Battalion has a broadened Combat Service Support role; and all of our 3 Reserve Battalions have grown to meet a defined warfighting role which includes a specific task to support first line reserve units.

All soldiers and officers from the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers send their congratulations to Her Majesty The Queen as we celebrate her Platinum Jubilee year. Arte et Marte