Intelligence and Signals combine to form Division's 'brain trust'

The 1st (UK) Division, based in York, has set up a new, digitally transformed formation to bring its disparately located units under one modern banner.

The Divisional Integrated Effects Group (DIEG) consists of two Intelligence Corps units, one of which will be from the Army Reserve, and two Royal Corps of Signals units, again with one made up of Reservists.

Intelligence is represented by the 1st and 5th Military Intelligence Battalions while the Signals element is comprised of the 2nd and 37th Signal Regiments.

In a parade to mark the occasion, Major General Collins, General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 1st (UK) Division, said: “These are exciting times. As the British Army’s formation that looks after light forces and leads on delivering land operations outside of Europe, many of the effects that Future Soldier is aiming to achieve lie firmly with us.

“It is with genuine excitement that we welcome the four units. Their expertise and capability will enhance the 1st (UK) Division, and its Brigades, in many ways”

1 Military Intelligence Battalion is headquartered in Catterick Garrison, but also has representation in Colchester and York, while Reservist 5 Military Intelligence Battalion detachments are spread across the East Midlands, the North of England, and Scotland.

2nd Signal Regiment is based in York with personnel from the Reservist 37th Signal Regiment located throughout the Midlands and North of England.

Major General Collins said: “At the Divisional level, the military intelligence capability will make us able to understand and target effectively in constant competition or in crisis. Communicators aligned to the Division’s HQ gives us a 21st century ‘brain trust’. We look to these Regiments to pursue innovation and help us understand the electro-magnetic spectrum.

“We look forward to taking this Division, light footprint forces, and operations primarily outside of Europe into the future.”