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British soldiers hone skills in Omani desert

Personnel from across the 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East on Exercise Khanjar Oman have been taking advantage of the terrain in the country to conduct practices for the deployments of the future.

No matter your rank, getting the basics right is at the heart of soldiering and forms the foundation of our military partnerships across the globe.

British and Omani soldiers are conducting low-level training together, including practicing patrolling, pilot escape and evasion tactics, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and search techniques.

The desert in Oman is the perfect training area for these drills, and provides a realistic environment to train for tasks that our soldiers may be asked to do in the future.

More than 650 troops from across the 4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East (known as the ‘Black Rats’) are deployed on Exercise Khanjar Oman, which will test British capability and strengthen the relationship with our Omani partners.

Activity within Oman, which will be designated as one of the Army’s Land Regional Hubs (LRHs, designed to support expeditionary roles across the world), will also support the strategic effect of Operation Fortis, the deployment of the UK’s Carrier Strike Group (CSG).

LRH (Oman) will form part of the Global Hub, enabling the British military to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

As well as commitments nearer to home, these deployments strengthen our national security by providing greater understanding of parts of the world where the UK has security interests and providing a firm base from which to rapidly respond if required.