Make more of you in the Army Reserve

People craving excitement and fulfilment are being encouraged to put 18 months of restrictions behind them and join the Army Reserve.

A new recruitment campaign shows how those looking to make up for lost time during the pandemic can find what they’re looking for by joining up.

We want to show how by joining the Army Reserve you can add an extra dimension to your life, developing your sense of self-belief and belonging and helping communities, letting you make a real impact, all in your spare time.

The ‘Reserved for More’ campaign will encourage more people to apply to join one of the 500 Army Reserve units spread up and down the country.

It will highlight why the Army Reserve is a way to help people maximise their spare time with something more fulfilling, enabling everyone to reach their full potential in more than 200 roles.

With a commitment of just 19 days a year, the Army Reserve is a paid part time commitment which can be done alongside your normal life.

Lt Col Kevin Bingham said: “The Army is incredibly proud of the opportunities that the Army Reserve gives people who choose to join, from developing skills, helping communities at home and abroad, and fostering a true sense of belonging.

“Following this year’s Integrated Defence Review, the importance of the Army Reserve has never been greater, and with the new ‘Reserved for More’ campaign we hope to inspire the best talent to consider joining the Army Reserve in their spare time.”  

Currently, 40per cent of 18-35-year-olds are interested in the Army Reserve, the highest level since tracking began in 2014.

Siobhan Penrose, Head of Marketing for the British Army Recruiting Group, comments: Recruiting Group, comments: “We’re extremely proud to be launching a campaign specifically for the Army Reserve. Whilst interest in the Reserves has never been so high, 71% of all 18-35-year-olds don’t know if there is an Army Reserve unit near to home or not. 

In fact, most people live within 5 miles of their nearest unit, and there are hundreds of Reserve Centre locations nationwide. We hope to build on the success of previous campaigns for the Army and encourage people to pay a visit to their local units and ultimately join.” Siobhan Penrose, Head of Marketing, British Army Recruiting Group

Nik Studzinski, Chief Creative Officer at Karmarama said: “Building on the foundations of our ‘This is Belonging’ campaign, ‘Reserved for More’ speaks to people who are coming out of the pandemic with a greater appreciation of the value of their time, and an urgent desire to squeeze every last minute out of their day in order to feel fulfilled. 

“We’re proud to work with Capita and the British Army, working to encourage the best people to live twice the life, and become part of the Army Reserve.”

The Army's Recruiting Partnering Project with Capita has teamed up with creative agency Karmarama for the campaign which rolls out across TV, video-on-demand, YouTube, radio, social media and digital display.


The Army is recruiting Reserves now. Search Army Reserve or follow the hashtag #ReservedForMore