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Future Soldier: new doctrine for a new generation of leaders

Today the British Army launches its new refreshed doctrine, designed to give all Army leaders the winning edge in leadership thinking.

The Centre for Army Leadership has worked closely with units from across the Army, broader Defence, and academia to improve the Army Leadership Doctrine (ALD). Building on ‘what works’ and introducing some modern and innovative thinking for the future, the ALD codifies the British Army’s thinking on leadership. It draws together ideas, principles and methods that have been proven to work throughout history with current lessons from the most recent operations. It is designed to bring coherence and a shared understanding of leadership across all ranks of the Army, from Private soldier to the most senior officer, and will help inform and guide the next generation of Army Leaders.

The intention is not to restrict individuality or stifle imagination but to help develop leaders, learn from the experience of others, and adapt for the future. It is not designed to be the sole source of information on leadership, but provides a solid foundation to encourage further study and discussion by leaders in the Army and beyond.

Major General Duncan Capps CBE, Director Leadership for the British Army said:

“Leadership in the British Army is our most critical professional competence and the Army Leadership Doctrine provides our people with a central leadership spine that ensures we all have a clear and common understanding of the same leadership principles and values.”