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Catterick educators host BBC radio show

As part of the wider interest around International Literacy Day (8 Sep 21), a British Army facility in North Yorkshire was paid a visit by BBC Radio 5Live.

Personnel from 3 Army Education Centre (3 AEC), based in Catterick Garrison, talked at length about literacy in the Armed Forces and how soldiers can take advantage of the opportunities on offer.

5Live were keen to know more about the all-officer, all-graduate Educational and Training Services Branch (ETS), whose members act as the Army’s teachers.

Staff explained the education that is on offer to those joining the Army Captain Bolton

Captain Bolton, Second-in-Command (2IC) of 3 AEC, said: "BBC Radio 5Live were keen to have a frank discussion regarding the state of adult education in the UK and the Army's approach to recruiting and training.

"AEC staff explained the Army's role as the UK's number one apprenticeship provider and the education that is on offer to those joining the Army." 

The ETS is responsible for developing Army personnel through the provision of comprehensive education packages.

This includes the delivery of Functional Skills (FS), namely maths and English, by Basic Skills Development Managers and vocational knowledge for those completing courses needed for promotion to the next rank.

And it is not just soldiers who benefit from the excellent tuition on offer; the ETS also supports the development of officers on packages such as the Captains’ Warfare Course (CWC).

3 AEC in particular takes charge of delivering education to units across the North of England, including Army Foundation College (AFC) Harrogate and Infantry Training Centre (ITC) Catterick.

Ultimately, education is a career-long endeavour for service personnel with the ETS there to assist at every stage of the journey, including resettlement as troops prepare to return to civilian life.