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The Scottish & North Irish Yeomanry Hone Their Skills

Over recent weekends Army Reserve personnel from the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry (SNIY) took to the lanes and fields of Dumfries and Galloway to develop their mounted and dismounted skills on Exercise WOLF’S STORM.

The exercise is designed to build upon low level skills in the Light Cavalry role, allowing crews, comprising a Commander, Driver and Gunner to develop confidence in their team, their equipment and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s).

Initially focused on the individual crew, they then work as a Troop, typically of 3 or 4 crews, and then into a Squadron, which will comprise 4 Troops.

This graduated training allows them the freedom to learn, make mistakes and build their confidence before being put to the test. The intent is to prepare them for their forthcoming deployment with their paired Regular Regiment, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, and to ensure they’re able to integrate seamlessly into their role as a formed deployable Squadron, during next month’s Exercise WESSEX STORM.

The exercise will take place on Salisbury Plain and allows units to perform in-depth training at the Battlegroup level. Joining the two paired regiments will be the Royal Irish Regiment and together, they will go through a series of phases enabling the units to work through different scenarios. These scenarios are related to potential events they may face during future operations.

The SNIY are an Army Reserve Light Cavalry Regiment specialising in Reconnaissance, they are headquartered in Edinburgh but with Squadrons across Scotland and Northern Ireland. They currently use the RWMIK vehicle for the mounted element of their role. They are the newest Army combat Regiment, having entered the Army’s order of battle in 2014. They have a tradition stretching back across hundreds of year through their antecedent Regiments and have regularly deployed personnel on Operations.