1 Armoured Infantry Brigade Puts Their Snipers to the Test

1st Battalion Scots Guards hosted the 1 Armoured Infantry Brigade sniper competition held over five days on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire.

The competition was split into separate phases, it had a highly competitive marksmanship target shoot, there was an additional element - the Sniper ‘Strike’ competition.  

This had been designed to imbue the ethos of the recently established Strike Brigade as well as test the sniper teams across the full gamut of skills demanded of a top-class British Army sniper. These attributes included; armoured fighting vehicle recognition, fitness and stamina, operating as a mortar fire controller as well as others. 

There were eleven teams competing, drawn from across the brigade’s six battalions. Each sniper team consists of two soldiers; the sniper, who takes aim and fires the shot and their number two or spotter.  

They identify the target, establishes the range, wind direction and velocity, makes the calculations and feeds this data to the sniper to make the necessary adjustments to the telescopic sight.  

The targets for this competition were set at a range of extreme distances with the highest marks given for a first time hit on the target with a ‘cold’ barrel.