Wearable technology giving trainees the fighting edge

The Army recognises the need to train smarter and maximise the performance of its next generation. As part of this work, recruits are trialling an app designed for use in professional sport, paired with wearable technology to look to gain the fighting edge.

Used by professional sports teams, the app provides the opportunity to record, track and present information on a recruit’s mental and physical wellbeing combined with feedback from training staff. 

The level of analysis that this provides recruits and staff is predicted to be a game changer to both the overall training experience and attainment levels.  

First trialled on Army Reserve training courses run throughout Summer 2020, the trial has now been extended to the regular course currently in training at Army Training Centre (ATC) Pirbright and if successful, will look to be part of Basic Training delivered by the Army from the summer of 2021. 

Using wearable technology, the staff can monitor recruits sleeping patterns as well as assess how challenging recruits have found aspects of physical training. It provides significant quantitative data, which combined with qualitative data can shape a powerful picture of how the recruit is reacting to training.

By highlighting in real time who is responding well to training whilst pinpointing who needs additional support, prompt action can be taken to give everyone the specific tools they require to succeed.

If successfully adopted in Basic Training, this could have far reaching applications across the wider Army. In an operational environment the application, combined with wearable technology, could monitor a platoon’s level of mental and physical wellbeing allowing soldiers to be stood up and stood down accordingly.  

Innovation is at the heart of the Army’s drive to transform and this is just one of a number of exciting projects involving technology, that is being trialled as part of a wider push to modernise and innovate.