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Household Division troops deliver basic training - island style

Soldiers from the Household Division are delivering basic training to the recently formed Cayman Islands Regiment. 

After extensive testing and quarantining to enable them to operate in a COVID secure bubble, the soldiers are now leading a training package for the recently formed Cayman Islands’ Regiment.

This includes Basic Training for new recruits as well as working with the Regiment’s latest cohort of Platoon Commanders, who all have completed their own training in the UK at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst within the last six months.

The Cayman Islands’ Regiment was originally formed to further enhance the islands’ capability in reacting to natural disasters, a frequent problem during typhoon season. It can also reinforce local agencies as and when required.

The Cayman Islands Regiment will also be taking on additional ceremonial duties of their own, for events such as parades and Guards of Honour for visiting dignitaries to the island.

This will be certified with a Pass Out Parade at the end of the training package, with the Household Division passing on their ceremonial skills and experience to the Cayman Islands’ Soldiers to ensure that they look their best on parade.

Major Cammy Proudfoot, Officer Commanding the UK Training Team said: '14 soldiers from across the Household Division have deployed for four weeks, conducting training for a second cohort of recruits from the newly formed Cayman Islands’ Regiment. The Short Term Training Team will take newly signed recruits up to a basic standard for the regiment to then build on.'

‘We are incredibly proud to be working alongside our Commonwealth Allies in order to increase capabilities within the region.’