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Soldier's innovation reaps rewards for Falcon Squadron

Falcon Squadron is our only mounted Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) unit. They are first on scene in a contaminated area, using their specialist vehicles and training to identify clear safe routes, avoiding hazards.

As lockdown has changed the way we work, troops from Falcon Squadron challenged themselves to overcome some of the limitations they face in their role.

Once inside their Fuchs vehicles, they are sealed from the elements which allows them to carry out their role, staying safe for as long as necessary. As a result, it can create a visibility problem which the team were keen to resolve.

Supported by their chain of command, individuals within the team developed innovative, off the shelf lighting and visibility solutions which they trialled and are now looking to incorporate these into their standard operating procedures.  

Using an inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that can be launched from the exterior of the vehicle, they can improve their situational awareness and allow themselves to see more of the external environment from a better vantage point.   
Another off the shelf solution was to use a remote camera to assist with visibility when they reverse their vehicles onto a target; whilst the simple addition of a high beam search light could now mean operations at night are a possibility.  

An example of our soldiers taking the initiative and generating innovative ideas and creative solutions.