Boxer announcement protects 700 jobs in Glasgow

Recently we announced a £180 million sub-contract awarded to Thales Defence to provide a Remote Weapon System for our next generation Boxer armoured vehicle.

The system provides enhanced stabilisation on the move. It also allows soldiers to view targets on a screen inside the vehicle, ensuring they are protected by the vehicles armour.

The Protector RS4 is a highly flexible system designed for small and medium calibre weapons. The system uses 360 degree high-definition, long-range cameras attached to the outside of the vehicle to scan for enemy threat, even when Boxer is moving at speed. These cameras are equipped with thermal imaging capabilities as well as a
next generation ability to operate in low light.

The Remote Weapon System is also enabled to fire the Javelin anti-tank weapon and incorporates a multi barrel smoke grenade launcher. Further additions include a Laser Range Finder with visible infra-red pointers.

The Acusonic Shot Detection System, a component part of the new addition, is designed to accurately sense and report the direction of incoming enemy fire.  The system will give the Boxer vehicle’s crew the critical situational awareness to react to threats.

The announcement will protect 700 existing jobs at Thales’ facility in Glasgow and create 25 more. A further 30 apprenticeships will be supported by the contract. This helps ensure that taxpayers’ money is re-invested in the UK; further, it is invested in devolved administrations and the Northern Powerhouse supporting the government’s levelling up policy.

The UK decided to re-join the Boxer programme in 2018 and since then has committed £2.8bn to deliver over 500 vehicles to the British Army. The first vehicles are scheduled to be ready for service in 2023. 

Our commitment to armoured vehicles is a commitment to British industry.

Boxer Contract Awarded