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Army Teamwork - celebrating the strength of inclusivity

Our new campaign ‘Army Teamwork’ focuses on demonstrating the importance of inclusivity and how this contributes to developing high performing teams in the Army.

The Army culture is built upon strong values, high standards and the ‘golden thread’ of belonging; it is essential that every member of the Army feels included and part of the team.

As an inclusive employer, the Army has a strong network of diversity champions and employee support networks to ensure an inclusive environment for all our personnel and employee communication. 

Through this campaign we want to celebrate the strength of our inclusivity. Diverse teams are stronger teams who feel comfortable to fail, learn and ultimately win together.

Lieutenant General Tickell CBE, Deputy Chief of the General Staff said: “The Army’s success depends on its diversity. We want to create teams where everyone feels safe to fail, where your teammates pick you up and your personal achievements are recognised.

This is what the Army is all about – winning together Deputy Chief of the General Staff

We’ve worked hard to become a modern Army but we recognise work in this area is ongoing, and we’re committed to seeing it through.”

Our leaders at all levels understand the advantages that diverse teams and diverse thinking bring in a competitive world; the Army recruit and retain the best people drawn from a broad and diverse background of thought, skills and experience.  

The Army values differences and welcomes all, irrespective of race, gender, faith, belief or sexual orientation. Anyone can progress in the Army as we seek to ensure all employees reach their full potential.  

Each and every person has their part to play in supporting Army Teamwork to ensure that the Army continues to be a high-performing organisation. As part of the campaign, soldiers, civil servants and contracting partners will actively contribute to the following: 

  • Celebrating our diversity – We need to make sure we celebrate our successes and highlight the broad range of people who are involved in them.
  • Challenging behaviours that are counter to the Teamwork Ethos – We must break down the barriers and obstacles that are preventing our people from giving their best, being comfortable in who they are and feeling valued. A modern, successful Army is a diverse one, we need to show that behaviours contrary to the Teamwork ethos, will not be tolerated.

The British Army is recognised as an inclusive employer that respects difference, attracts talent from all areas of society, embraces equality of opportunity and always challenges unacceptable behaviour. Last year the Army was ranked amongst the top 100 LGBT Inclusive Employers and achieved the top spot for apprenticeship employers in England.

The Army welcomes people from across all walks of life, without prejudice and offers opportunities to learn the skills to succeed.

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Army Teamwork