The Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR), hosts its annual Global Analysis Programme Conference

What threats face the UK in 2021? What opportunities are there for the future? On Thursday 21 January 2021, the Army’s own think-tank, the Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR), will host its annual Global Analysis Programme Conference online.

This year’s Conference follows on from the highly successful 2020 event but will be virtual. 

The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, will start the day off with a talk on the British Army’s future role, followed by the keynote talk delivered by Prof Sir Lawrence Freedman on current developments in the world and what these mean for the UK.  
The opening remarks will be followed by a series of panels brimming with some of the finest minds in strategic thinking, unpacking key issues and their implications for the British Defence.

  • Panel I - State of Alliance: Whither the West?
    • Chair: Jonathan Eyal
    • Georgina Wright 
    • Hans Kundnani 
    • Leslie Vinjamuri 
    • Tim Marshall 
  • Panel II: Great and Medium Powers in Competition
    • Chair: David Patrikarakos
    • Veerle Nouwens
    • Hannah Lucinda Smith
    • Mark Galeotti
    • Jasmine El Gamal 
  • Panel III: Trends in Global Security
    • Chair: Frank Gardner
    • Beyza Unal
    • Ankit Panda
    • Peter R. Neumann 
  • Panel IV: Trends in Global Defence
    • Chair: Peter Roberts
    • Meia Nouwens
    • Shashank Joshi
    • Ulrike Franke
    • Maj Gen Mick Ryan, Australian Army 
  • Panel V: Implications for the Army and Defence 
    • Chair: Andrew Sharpe
    • Angus Lapsley
    • Samantha Job
    • Brig Tom Bewick
    • Maj General Ralph Wooddisse 

Panels will include Q&A time with attendees, and at the end of the day we will have break-out sessions with attendees to hear what they think about emerging questions and their implications for the Army and wider defence.  
An interactive day from the comfort of your home, office or garden shed! Attendance is restricted to Armed Forces and HM Government personnel.
It is simple to register via email: [email protected]  
Come along, we look forward to seeing you there!