Toolkit 2025 - Soldiers next generation toolbox is here

We are constantly looking to improve the efficiency of our equipment. The Armoured Trials and Development Unit, based at Bovington in Dorset and Makita UK have recently developed Toolkit 2025 for just that purpose. 

Innovation has a dramatic effect on the ability of our soldiers to operate and fight in remote environments. Last year, soldiers visited the King’s Royal Hussars on deployment with the NATO enhanced Forward Presence in Estonia. The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineer vehicle mechanics, working on several different types of vehicles, notably the Challenger 3 main battle tank, asked if the tools they had available could be improved to make servicing and repair easier.  
Back in Bovington, the soldiers and Civil Servants got together with experts from Makita UK Ltd to look for a lighter and more robust solution. Out of their work was born the Toolkit 2025 which represents a step-change in equipment support. The new toolkit has been found to improve the time it takes to do many tasks, for example, a wheel change on an armoured vehicle can be completed in half the time it previously taken. 
Toolkit 2025 is now being rolled out across the Army and is already in service with front-line units in Estonia and with our troops serving with the UN in Mali. From little acorns, mighty oak trees grow!