The New Year Honours List 2021

The 2021 New Year Honours List has recognised the achievements and service of extraordinary men and women across the British Army. In a year that saw the whole country pull together in our fight against the coronavirus, the Army has played its part in that battle as well as continuing to play its vital role in defending the country and promoting peace around the world.

Over 300 Army personnel are recognised in 2021’s New Year Honours list. Amongst them are the General who led the military’s response to COVID-19 in the UK, a former hostage turned mental health champion, the founder of the Defence Rastafari Network, and one of the Army’s most inspirational female soldiers.

Lieutenant General Sir Tyrone Urch, KBE has been awarded a knighthood in recognition of his role as Standing Joint Commander, in which he led the military’s contribution to the UK’s fight against COVID-19.

From building hospitals, testing the public, and helping plan the vaccine roll out, the military has played a vital role in supporting the Government throughout a tough year. Standing Joint Command coordinates defence’s contribution to UK resilience operations and as such has been a critical part of the nation’s response to the pandemic. Lt Gen Urch assumed the role of Commander Home Command and Standing Joint Commander (UK) in 2018, having served since 1984 in a broad range of roles including Commander 1st Mechanized Brigade, in which he was awarded the CBE for the brigade’s support to operations in Afghanistan. Having commissioned into the Royal Engineers, Lt Gen Urch now holds the title of the British Army’s Chief Royal Engineer.

 Lieutenant General Sir Tyrone Urch, said:

 “Op RESCRIPT, Defence’s contribution to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been an exceptional challenge for everyone working in the Standing Joint Command (UK).  It is an absolute privilege to receive this unexpected recognition on behalf of all the men and women across the Command who have done so much to help the Nation at this extremely difficult time.”

Warrant Officer Class 2 Austin Lindsay, a reservist with The Royal Irish Regiment, has been awarded an MBE for his work in teaching a generation of soldiers how to look after their mental health.

WO2 Lindsay was taken as a hostage in Sierra Leone as a young soldier. Kidnapped by the West Side Boys militia in August 2000, he was held for six days during which he was forced to witness horrific acts. Following his safe release, he has continued to serve the Army and most recently has worked to develop the mental resilience of new recruits. WO2 Lindsay has spent the past five years working within the Infantry Training Regiment at the School of Infantry in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, and over the past year co-created the Army Mental Resilience Training (MRT) programme which he now delivers, drawing upon his personal experiences to help equip young soldiers with the tools they need to look after their mental health for life.

Warrant Officer Class 1 Louise Wolstenholme of the Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff and Personnel Support Branch) has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal after 25 years of outstanding service to the Army.

Currently serving as VWO1 (Visiting Warrant Officer) SPS at 160th (Welsh) Brigade in Brecon, this year she has supported Joint Military Command Wales, helping to deploy 950 personnel from 80 units to more 23 locations across Wales as part of Operation Rescript.

For several years, WO1 Wolstenholme has been the lead for female engagement in the Wales, organising events and attracting the next generation of female talent to the Army. She also runs a coaching and mentoring network for female soldiers. WO1 Wolstenholme is the Vice Chair of the Army LGBT+ network and has been integral to the network’s success. She has also planned and delivered the Defence contingent to the Pride festival in Cardiff.

Her outstanding work as a member of the Staff and Personnel Support Branch has seen her turn around the standards of administration in units and set the standard for non-commissioned officers within her branch. WO1 Wolstenholme has completed two tours of Kosovo and Bosnia and has also served on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 WO1 Louise Wolstenholme MSM, said:

“At a time when we are all trying to find solace this award was completely unexpected. It reflects the hard work of the Joint Military Command Wales in support of the Welsh response to COVID-19. I am lucky to have a career that is dedicated to helping others and I’m fortunate to have a loving family that support me.”

Captain Kidane ‘Danny’ Cousland of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery has been awarded an MBE for his role as the architect and builder of Defence Rastafari Network.

It was while attending the Army BAME Conference in 2017 that Capt Cousland realised that whilst there was strong focus on racial equality, there was not the equity regarding religious focus and in particular Rastafarianism. In his own time and with no chaplaincy representation, he set about bringing together Rastafarian colleagues and representatives of the Army’s diversity and inclusion department to develop his ideas and form a plan.

The result of his initiative was that the inaugural conference of the Defence Rastafari Network was held in 2018. The network has educated the chain of command and influenced policy within defence and now goes from strength to strength consisting of around 100 members from across the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force with many more advocates beyond.

This work has required Capt Cousland to display inspirational leadership to gain followers willing to demonstrate selfless commitment to make the network to function. He has achieved all this whilst maintaining a high tempo of global deployments in support of his role in his unit’s Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron.

Capt Cousland who comes from London, joined the Army as a gunner in 2008 and has served in Afghanistan and deployed around the world. In 2016 he commissioned as an Officer where he was awarded the ‘Sword of Honour’ for coming top of his intake and is now the Adjutant of his regiment.

Captain Kidane ‘Danny’ Cousland MBE, said:

“It is humbling to be considered for something so amazing. Rastafari has given so much to British culture and so many Rastas have given their service to the Army since the thirties, but they have not been able to express their faith openly so this award is as much for them as it is for me and the Network, we stand on the shoulders of giants and forge a path for others to follow.”

The full list of British Army personnel honoured is as follows:

As Companions (CB)
Major General Paul Andrew CAIN, QHP
Lieutenant General Giles Patrick HILL, CBE
Major General Richard James Aethelstan STANFORD, MBE

As Knight Commanders (KBE)
Lieutenant General James Richard HOCKENHULL, OBE
Lieutenant General Tyrone Richard URCH, CBE

As Commanders (CBE)
Acting Brigadier (now Brigadier) Elizabeth Jane FAITHFULL-DAVIES
Colonel Colin John FRANCIS, MBE
Colonel Alison Louise McCOURT, OBE ARRC
Brigadier Phillip David PROSSER

As Officers (OBE)
Lieutenant Colonel Graham Clark DEMPSEY
Colonel Julian Guy HILL
Lieutenant Colonel Richard Adrian James HOY
Lieutenant Colonel Richard John HUDSON
Lieutenant Colonel Emma Jane HUTLEY
Colonel (now Brigadier) Matthew Howard JONES, MBE
Colonel Neil Douglas JURD,
Lieutenant Colonel Gareth John WALKER
Lieutenant Colonel Iain Stewart WALLACE
Lieutenant Colonel Henry Alexander WILLI

As Members (MBE)
Major Adam Nicholas ATTREE
Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Graham BAKER
Warrant Officer Class 1 Paul Scott BUCKERFIELD
Acting Sergeant Robert Graham CAMPION
Captain Gary Edward CLEGG, VR
Major Joshua Edward CONWAY
Captain John Scott CORKILL
Captain Kidane Samuel Jacob COUSLAND
Lieutenant Colonel Scott DUNLOP
Lieutenant Colonel (now Colonel) Nicholas George ENGLISH
Warrant Officer Class 2 Charlotte Victoria GRAHAM
Lieutenant Colonel Mark Jonathan HUGHES
Lance Corporal Gareth Stanley Richard JACKSON
Warrant Officer Class 1 Melita Alanna Victoria JARVIS
Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Hannah Victoria JENKINS
Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Austin Reginald LINDSAY
Lieutenant Colonel James Henry MARTIN, VR
Corporal Alexander Donald Ross MURPHY
Major Priyum PATEL
Major Jamie Earl POWELL
Warrant Officer Class 2 Stephen Stuart SCOTT
Warrant Officer Class 1 Mark SHADE, VR
Sergeant (now Staff Sergeant) Sarvjit Pal SINGH
Major Yvette Rowena STEPHENS
Captain Phoebe TODHUNTER
Sergeant (now Staff Sergeant) Andrew James UNWIN
Warrant Officer Class 1 Scot David WHITFIELD
Acting Corporal (now Lance Corporal) Lee Adam WYLDE

As Ordinary Member, First Class (RRC)
Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Joyce DUFFIELD, TD VR
Lieutenant Colonel (now Colonel) Geoffrey Stuart HALL

As Ordinary Associate, Second Class (ARRC)
Staff Sergeant Emma CLARKE
Major Samantha Jayne COBB
Major Nicola Fiona CORKISH
Major Ami Alice Caroline NEWBURN-JOHNSON

Corporal Anthony John FRENCH, VR
Major Keith JAMES, MBE JP VR
Captain Dennis PATERSON, VR

Warrant Officer Class 1 Richard Charles BLYTHE 
Warrant Officer Class 1 Carl Wayne CHUBB
Warrant Officer Class 1 Robert James COLLINS
Warrant Officer Class 1 John Barry David DAVIES
Warrant Officer Class 1 Angela Lesley EDLEY
Warrant Officer Class 1 Jamie Kenneth EDWARDS
Warrant Officer Class 1 (now Captain) Jon-Marc FITCH
Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Daniel Benjamin FLETCHER
Warrant Officer Class 1 Anthony Carl GIBSON
Warrant Officer Class 1 Matthew Stephen GRIFFITHS
Warrant Officer Class 1 Simon James William HALL
Warrant Officer Class 1 David Barry HEATH
Warrant Officer Class 1 Marion Margaret HOER
Staff Sergeant Nicola Dawn HORTON
Sergeant Craig Michael JINKS
Colour Sergeant David ST Clair JOHNSTON
Warrant Officer Class 1 Michael Ashley JONES
Warrant Officer Class 2 Birendrakumar KAMBANG
Warrant Officer Class 2 Premkumar JEBEGU LIMBU
Warrant Officer Class 1 Christopher McCABE
Warrant Officer Class 2 Lee McKINNEY
Warrant Officer Class 1 (now Captain) Alistair Douglas McMILLAN
Warrant Officer Class 1 Gareth Charles NOLAN
Warrant Officer Class 1 Tanya Maria NORMAN
Warrant Officer Class 1 Jonathan O’NEILL
Warrant Officer Class 2 Dean PANKHURST
Warrant Officer Class 1 Gordon John PERRY
Warrant Officer Class 1 Matthew Lee POOK
Warrant Officer Class 2 Andrew PRESSEY
Captain Andrew PURCELL
Warrant Officer Class 2 Barry Kenneth RIZZA
Warrant Officer Class 1 Angela Louise SPEER
Sergeant John Steven SQUIRES
Warrant Officer Class 1 (now Captain) Peter Michael TETLOW
Warrant Officer Class 1 Paul Steven VERNON
Warrant Officer Class 1 Charles Anthony Stewart WALBROOK
Warrant Officer Class 2 Stephen Phillip WILDE
Warrant Officer Class 1 Louise WOLSTENHOLME

Sgt M L Anthony
Capt W A Barkess
Maj D C Betts
Maj M D Bridge
Capt C L Burnett
Lt Col (Col wef 6 Dec) E A Byfield
CSgt L V Cadet
Capt M S Carr
Cpl K L Carter
LCpl A Champion
Maj S A Cooper
Capt (now Maj) J P Cooper
A/Maj E A Cowie
LCpl A N Drewery
Maj C J Duncalfe
Maj P D Eaton
2Lt (now Lt) M J Eldridge
Lt Col N E Fitzsimmons
Lt Col K T D Fox
Lt C A J Galvin
Sqn Ldr R J Garston
Maj J P Gronn
Maj G R Harnby
Lt Col A E Hawkins
SSgt M Holden
Mrs C A Howlett
Maj M J Hughes
WO2 L M Jeens
Sgt S J I Johnson
Maj P S Jordan
Maj R N MacLeod
Miss G I Mawdsley
Maj G R E McBeath
Sgt (now SSgt) L T McEvoy
Maj R S McGill
Maj J Miller
Cpl L D Molloy
Capt B A Morgan
A/Maj (now Maj) S R Nightingale
A/Maj M E J O'Neil
Maj R S Parkes
Maj A Patrick
Maj W S Peltor
Maj C T Proudfoot
A/Lt Col O J Quantick
Maj A J Rabbitt
Lt Col D J Rawlins
Maj J Richards
Maj E H Richardson
Lt Col C M Russell
CPO S P Sams
Lt Col J M Saunby
WO1 A J Saupe
WO2 (now Capt) C R Sharpe
Maj R G Sharrock
LCpl J R Simm
Maj R Smyth
Lt W J Stone
Cpl T J Stratford
WO2 S Tamang
A/Cpl N Thakali
Maj (now Sqn Ldr RAF) D F W Tickner
Sgt C C Turner
Lt Col L Ward
Maj T A R Whiting

Army Inventory Control Tower (AICT) (Team Award)
Cpl (now Sjt) J R Allison
Maj E S Andrews
LCpl H T Arthur
Pte J O Baffour
SSgt L P Baldwin
Lt Col M M D Baudry
WO1 R H Bevan
SSgt W D Billman
CSgt S Bircumshaw
WO2 C P Cartwright
Maj R A M Chapman
Maj M D Chatterley
LCpl A J Clyde
Flt Lt S F Cotton
Capt L D R Crate
LCpl M L Crombie
Cpl J L Day
WO2 (now WO1) A J Dunmore
A/WO2 (now WO2) J Edwards
SSgt W J Ewens
Capt P T Fisher
Capt A Flatman
WO1 M Greaves
Capt R J Griffin
Pte (now LCpl) B Gumble
WO2 C Harrower
LCpl A J Hilmer-Hills
Maj D L Holden
A/Sgt (now Sgt) L Jope
Cpl (now A/Sgt) L A Judd
WO2 D J Killick
Maj P R A Lenthall
CSgt C P Lockhart
WO2 J H Marshall
Cpl J C McGlinchey
Cpl (now A/Sgt) N P S McInnes
L/WO2 T J Minter
Maj D M Owens
Cpl P D Parkes
SSgt L M Patterson
Capt T H Quant
Sgt W J Ramsden
Maj P G Reynolds
Maj R M Roe
Capt A S Sandhu
Capt P T Sawford
S/Cpl K J Sedgwick
Capt M P Smith
Cpl A M Stokes
Mr R Strangways
WO2 N N Taukei
WO2 S M Thurlow
Capt A J Turnbull
Sgt M D C Ward
Capt F M Whelan-Mellor
LCpl A P Whelpton
Sgt B Wilkins
WO1 T G Wilson

Med Branch HQ SJC(UK) (Team Award)
Maj C Alderson
2Lt J Ashcroft
WO2 P Baker
Cpl D J Bates
Sgt S G Blanchflower
C2 M B Brewster
Maj (now Lt Col) J A Burnett
Lt T G E Chabo
Lt M R Coombes
CSF 23 Mob Testing Team (Team Award)
A/Sgt M G Dawson
Maj H G P P Evans
Mrs M Evans
Sgt N T Falconer
Maj M S R Featherstone
Fus K A Garton
Maj C D Glencairn- Campbell
Capt R J G Grinling
WO2 N Gurung
SSgt C A Hart
Maj M Hayes
Lt Cdr S Hearn
Lt Cdr F J Heritage
WO1 M P Hobson
LCpl V L Holmes
Maj G A Jennion
Maj G P Keenan
Capt (now Maj) A C Lindblom
Cpl C M Lupton
WO1 N P Marshall
Sqn Ldr J H McCluskie
Capt R McGarrity
WO2 J D Meecham
Maj R Melly
Maj S Novak
Lt S Oag
Lt Col R R Philipson-Stow
Sgt M J Pickthall
Maj D Richmond
Major S Shilson
Lt Col N J Stanford
Cpl N M Syrett
SSgt R P Taylor
Maj J R Taylor
LCpl C Taylor-Fontes
Lt Col K P Thomas
Capt V C Usher
Maj J M Walters
Maj V A Watt
Lt P A Welsh
Lt (now Capt) C L J Wright

Maj P J Buttifant
Bdr C A Cameron
WO2 S A Close
A/WO2 G Evans
Sgt W Finbow-Wright
Lt Col D A Goodacre
Mr A Gossage
Mr G B Gurung
Maj T D E Haskell
CSgt S Kilpatrick
Capt M Loughrey
Sgt F P Lyness
Maj J N Mayhead
Cpl W S P McCleery
Capt N J Murphy
C Sgt B I Page
Capt (now Maj) G R Smith
Capt G W G Wealthall
E1 O Webber
LCpl (now Cpl) L Willcott
Mr G Williams

Maj (now A/Lt Col) N I Drapper
Capt (now Maj) S R D Maguire
Maj M C Saunders

For security reasons, some names and details are withheld.