25 years after Operation Joint Endeavour what has changed?

Later this month, we celebrate the 25 anniversary of the start of the NATO intervention in Bosnia which ended three years of civil war.

British forces played a key role in Operation Joint Endeavour and subsequent operations to secure the peace. Today we retain a small force at high readiness to support the European Union mission, Operation Althea. 

Tomorrow, at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) their Director of Military Science, Professor Peter Roberts will host a seminar in which the NATO commander at the time, Field Marshal Lord Walker, and the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps’ (ARRC) current commander, Lieutenant General Smyth-Osbourne, discuss what has changed for NATO and the ARRC and what are the prospects for NATO. 
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Log-in and start learning: https://rusi.org/event/25-years-bosnia-corps-contemporary-security