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Military Communicator of the Year 2020

A Royal Logistic Corps Sergeant has been honoured by the Company of Communicators for his remarkable use of social media to promote and enhance understanding of the British Army.  

Sergeant Jonathan Biney of 7 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) has been recognised as the Army Military Communicator of the Year 2020. As a social media influencer on Instagram he has become a spokesperson and advocate for the Army, using both his personal account and taking over the British Army channel, answering questions on a broad range of subjects and providing a fascinating glimpse into the life of a modern soldier.  

The Company of Communicators is part of the 'Livery' - the City of London's trades associations and Guilds - and promotes the communications profession. Each of the three armed services is invited to nominate an outstanding communicator who has had a noticeable impact in media. Sgt Biney has proved himself to be an authentic and outstanding ambassador, giving enthralling insight into some of the other tasks the military has been engaged on around the world. 

Born in Takoradi in Ghana, Jonathan came to the UK to join the Army and enlisted in September 2009, initially as a chef. He had always wanted to be a soldier and says that one of his proudest moments was having his family see him pass off from basic training and fulfil his childhood ambition. His career has seen him deploy to ten countries, including Afghanistan on Op Herrick and Cyprus as part of the United Nations peacekeeping mission. He joined 7 Regiment RLC, based in Rutland, and trained to become a logistic supply specialist, providing a vital link in supporting personnel on operations. He is currently based at the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK). 

As his roles have been so diverse, he has been well placed to share his knowledge and his enthusiasm always shines through, whether engaging with potential recruits or discussing some of the challenges and opportunities he has encountered, making him a very worthy recipient for the award. Presentation of his award was made in a virtual ceremony by the Rt. Hon, the Lord Mayor of the City of London, William Russell.   

Jonathan is gratified to have been recognised, “I am so happy to have received this. I am really proud of my Army life and the opportunities and rewards I have gained. My transformation from basic training where I didn’t know anyone, to having so many friends and comrades and the advice I have been given along the way, I just want to pass that on. I signed on for 24 years’ service, I’ve completed 11 years and I can’t wait for the next phase of my career and being able to share it with everyone.”