Reservist and his employer join forces against Coronavirus

Helping the Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust, Major Dave Richmond has been working to make Headley Court, the site of the former military rehabilitation centre in Epsom, Surrey fit for use by the local NHS trust.

In March Major Richmond was mobilised to assist the NHS Trust with their planning against the Coronavirus pandemic. Released from his role on the Tideway Project by his employer Costain, he has been helping recommission some of the buildings at Headley Court for use.

Working to a timeline of 3 weeks, the team’s mission was to transform a site that was de-commissioned, into something that the NHS could utilise to provide suitable care. With a workforce, all the utilities were re-connected to ensure catering, accommodation and soft and hard facilities were ready for the operational phase.

This has been a huge achievement which I was privileged to be part of Maj Dave Richmond

Major Richmond said: “The hospital is now ready with 130 beds and will eventually have the capacity to manage circa 330 patients. This has been a huge achievement which I was privileged to be part of and there was a huge pool of talented people involved with this project to make this happen in a very short time frame.”

After handing Headley Court over to the Trust, he was re-assigned by the NHS to support the planning of additional testing locations and the supply of PPE for the South East. Working with the Local Resilience Forums and local agencies to support the national testing programme.

Helping him with this task is his civilian employer, Costain, who have provided extra manpower to help Major Richmond undertake the challenge distributing the PPE to various locations where the equipment is required.

Major Richmond said: “Being part of the solution is rewarding and supported by a network of family, friends and colleagues within Costain, the Army and the NHS, I have been able to manage the challenges that I have faced with the work.”