Manoeuvring into the future of Information Manoeuvre

Delegates at the RUSI integrating Information Manoeuvre Conference in London have been listening to the Army’s Director Information, Major General Jonathan Cole OBE, following up on his speech at last year’s DSEI Conference to explain how the Army is developing Information Manoeuvre capabilities.

Information Manoeuvre involves the use of information in all its forms to understand the operating environment better than anyone else and subsequently to make the most of that advantage. The aim is simultaneously to shape perceptions to ensure the Army’s activities and intentions are appropriately recognised by allies, populations and adversaries.  This approach, combined with the fighting skills of ground manoeuvre and air manoeuvre forces, will pre-empt, dislocate and disrupt our opponent; thus delivering effects both physically and virtually.

Speaking to a packed room in RUSI’s Whitehall headquarters, Major General Cole emphasised that Information Manoeuvre requires many forms of integration. It is inherently Joint, aligned with capabilities in Cyber, Space, Maritime and Air domains, and is part of a whole of government operation, with other Services and departments playing key roles in its execution. He emphasised the need to seize opportunities as they arise, bringing together the Army’s contribution from its forces working in Cyber, Electronic Warfare, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Counter-Intelligence, Communications and Information Systems and Influence Activities to deliver the desired effect.

Major General Cole’s speech was to an invited audience of academics, industrialists and soldiers. This is all part of the British’s Army’s approach to thought leadership – and a reflection of the forward-looking and technologically advanced organisation we are, ready for the challenges of the future.