Troops Battle to save Flood Victims

Soldiers have helped save the lives of two residents at a Herefordshire care home cut off by floods this week.

The county suffered some of the worst effects from Storm Dennis as the rivers Lug and Wye burst their banks.

The troops from Bulford-based 5 Rifles were called in as part of a multi-agency response to help people affected by the floods.

Ten soldiers arrived at the Hereford Army Reserve Centre on Harold Street on Monday (17 February 2020) morning.

Later that day they were called into action after a doctor recommended an elderly female resident at a Hampton Bishop care home be evacuated in order to receive dialysis treatment.

The troops quickly drove through flooded streets, where water levels reached 1.5 metres, in an Army truck and, working with the Fire and Rescue Service, successfully got the lady out before transporting her to a safe medical rendezvous point four miles away.

The Army prides itself in being ready to assist the people of the nation in times of need Lt Col Jim Hadfield

On Wednesday (19 February 2020) the soldiers carried out the same recovery operation as they rescued a lady with heart problems.

Care home staff were also grateful to the troops as they were transported into work on Army trucks and collected at the end of their shifts.

The soldiers were eventually stood down on Thursday (20 February) but a unit remains in readiness to quickly deploy to Hereford or any other part of the region if the floods return.

The Commanding Officer of 5 Rifles, Lt Col Jim Hadfield, said:

“I am pleased how our Riflemen, with their specialist skills and equipment, have helped with the multi-agency flood response in Herefordshire.

“The Army prides itself in being ready to assist the people of the nation in times of need."