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Aldershot to set the pace in new Military Housing Scheme

Aldershot has been selected as the British Army garrison that will test an innovative accommodation solution for its personnel  

The garrison will test and evaluate a far-reaching innovative opportunity, that could lead to fundamental revamp and modernisation in how the Army accommodates its personnel.   

Thousands of troops within the garrison footprint are being encouraged to consider where, how and with whom they wish to live in the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot scheme starting as of the end of January. The scheme is all about offering more choice to those eligible, funds are available to assist service personnel to either make use of the private rental sector or even get their foot on the first rung of the housing ladder and purchase a property. 

In modernising the Army’s accommodation stipulations, FAM emphasises the entitlement to family housing beyond those who are in a civil partnership or married. Under this pilot scheme soldiers, who are in long-term relationships or with partners with dependent children, can now also apply for housing. Other benefits will see accommodation entitlement being allocated on need, based on size of family, rather than simply rank and seniority. 

The opportunities of FAM are open to both single and partnered serving personnel; however should they so wish, all retain the option of maintaining their conventional means of Army housing, provision of the en-suite hotel style room that is single living accommodation in barracks or, for those living together, a married quarter on one of the military estates.   

Eligible serving personnel will be able to apply for funds to subsidise any additional financial burden they may face in the private rental market. 

The scheme will run over the next three years mirroring similar pilots taking place in Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Clyde for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, Wittering.