University Officer Cadets Brave Storm Dennis to Compete in the Best Ex Lightning Strike Ever

150 University Officer Cadets making up 13 teams have taken part in the annual Royal Signals UOTC competition: Ex LIGHTNING STRIKE. A fun and informative competition, the exercise introduces cadets to the diverse roles and equipment of the Royal Signals.

Now in its 32nd year, the competition always reflects the challenges the contemporary Royal Signals faces. This year, both Regular and Reserve units supported the event, each offering a different perspective to the students. Members from 13 Signal Regiment ran a challenge called ‘Advanced Jenga-neering’ loosely based around the wooden stacking game. The cadets had to capture, process, generate and store data under timed conditions in order to score maximum points. Capt Miller said ‘The cadets were amazing at this, and we saw so much talent that would fit really well in our Corps’

The real physical challenge came from 216 (Para) Signal Squadron, who organised a log race. This very physical team challenge always brings out the students’ best qualities, but this year Storm Dennis added another dimension with the teams battling driving rain and powerful winds. The team from Taurus Sqn, based at Birmingham University were the eventual winners, with Officer Cadet Morgan saying, ‘Ex Lightning Strike as a fantastic insight into the rolw of the Royal Signals.Storm Dennis failed to detract from what was an extremely enjoyable and challenging series of tasks, which tested and developed physical and mental robustness, as well as technical aptitude ad teamwork’

All those that took part were really pleased to be able to compete in this, our Corps’ centenary year and there was undoubtedly a very special buzz throughout the weekend. Capt Jack Ambrose a member of the Royal Signals Recruiting Team and organiser of the event said, “We’ve battled Storm Dennis and been rewarded with an event which has given the OCdts a real insight into Corps life. It’s challenged their teamwork abilities, critical thinking and not to mention wet weather drills! We’ve also had a lot of fun whilst doing it.”

Everyone is looking forward to 2021, when the event will return.