Army launches Industrial Engagement Framework

The British Army has launched the Army Industrial Engagement Framework (AIEF). Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has endorsed the new initiative, which for the first time defines how the Army can develop a more cohesive and effective relationship with industry
throughout the procurement and development process.

The framework sets out the principles of the Army’s relationship with industry, focussing on continual, closer engagement to achieve battle-winning equipment programmes with the best value for money. Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace said: “I am pleased to endorse the Army’s new approach to industry. This framework will benefit industrial partners as they support defence in the delivery of future Army capabilities.”

In this age of constant competition, fast moving threats and technological advances, our relationship with industry must be equally dynamic. Brig Kev Copsey - Head FFD

The AIEF articulates to industry the direction the Army is taking with relation to capability objectives and the challenges it seeks industry’s support to overcome. It will guide industry as to where they might wish to focus research to benefit the Army in the future. 

Brigadier Kev Copsey, the British Army’s Head of Future Force Development said: “As a ‘buyer’ organisation, the Army has concluded that the closer the Army and industry are in our aspirations, the more likely we will be able to successfully meet the operational and strategic challenges we both face.” The framework has been developed in concert with industry over the past year.