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Royal Tank Regiment test their mettle

The Royal Tank Regiment (RTR) have recently been conducting their Annual Crew Tests and their Annual Troop Assessment Training on Castlemartin Ranges in South West Wales.

Based in Tidworth, The Royal Tank Regiment are equipped with the Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and supported by the Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicles.

The Annual Troop Assessment sees the troops of 4 Tanks begin firing first from static positions before they progress to the more demanding challenge of identifying and engaging distant targets while on the move.

The best thing about being in the tank regiment is the crew management Lieutenant Kyle Moore

Troop Leader Lieutenant Kyle Moore from Badger Squadron said: “The best thing about being in the tank regiment is the crew management, having that close relationship with the 3 other guys in your tank and dealing with a high-pressure environment.”

Over the duration of the training the 17 tanks in Badger Squadron RTR, who are pictured, will Fire approximately 50,000 7.62mm rounds out of the Coaxial Machine Gun and 3,500 120mm rounds out of the Main Armament

Trooper Taylor from Recce Troop said: “In 2 weeks you pick up a lot of skills and maintenance that you don’t usually get to do back on camp.”

With their skills and drills now thoroughly assessed the tank crews are now ready and able to deploy on operations abroad and conduct live firing on exercises in the UK.