Oman provides challenging environment for British Army exercise

Fresh from cold winter training in the Arctic Circle the Wildcat, along with other armoured vehicles and equipment, is being tested to the limit in the heat of Oman.

The British Army is currently demonstrating its expeditionary capabilities on Exercise Khanjar Oman 19.

Members of The Royal Tank Regiment, part of 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade, and supporting units including 659 Squadron 1 Regiment Army Air Corps with its Wildcat helicopters, are deployed to the Ras Madrakah training area, for an armoured battlegroup training exercise.

The men and women are getting to grips with the environment of Oman, testing the ability of their equipment to operate in different climates, and in particular the Wildcat helicopter, following its recent deployment in the Arctic Circle.

The exercise is an important milestone in the Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme, which seeks to provide more challenging environments in which to experiment and be tested.

It also demonstrates the combat readiness and adaptability of a warfighting battlegroup and its ability to respond quickly to crises around the world.

The UK has a long-established defence relationship with Oman, and Ex Khanjar Oman follows hot on the heels of Ex SAIF SAREEA 3, which took place in the country late last year. It was the largest joint exercise of its kind for 15 years, involving thousands of troops from all three services and multiple nations.