New Gurkha Signal Squadron

A new squadron of Gurkha soldiers has joined the ranks of 16th Signal Regiment at Beacon Barracks, Stafford.

247 Gurkha Signal Squadron will be the second squadron of Queen’s Gurkha Signals’ (QGS) soldiers based at MOD Stafford. The other QGS squadron is 248 Gurkha Signal Squadron, which is part of 22nd Signal Regiment.

To welcome the new squadron a Regimental Parade took place at Beacon Barracks today.

The vast majority of the new Squadron are Gurkha soldiers, drawn from existing squadrons, as well as being bolstered by a small increase in Gurkha recruitment from Nepal. 

At first, the squadron will be two troops strong as well as headquarters elements, but when fully formed will be made up of approximately 110 soldiers.

Lieutenant Colonel Ben Davenport, Commanding Officer 16th Signal Regiment, said: “I am delighted to see the reformation of this fourth Queen’s Gurkha Signal Squadron which will continue the rich tradition of Royal Corps of Signals soldiers serving alongside their Gurkha compatriots.

“The new Squadron will enrich the Regiment and enhance our capability. It will engender pride and a healthy sense of competition across all five sub-units and it reinforces our role at readiness for military tasks at home and abroad.”

The Squadron will play an integral part in 16th Signal Regiment’s new role as the lead signal regiment supporting the Army’s logistic formations and is part of the Army’s restructuring plan to meet its future tasks. 

The Squadron will be commanded by Major Dave Murphy, Queen’s Gurkha Signals, and the Squadron Sergeant Major will be Warrant Officer Class 2 Pandu Tamang.