Apache and Wildcat helicopter crews train together

Attack helicopter crews and Wildcats will be seen in the skies of Leicestershire this week as Army aviators from 3 Regiment Army Air Corps take part in Exercise Talon Python.

The two-week Exercise will see 3 Regiment Army Air Corps (3 Regt AAC) launch formations of up to four Apaches and two Wildcats from their base at Wattisham Flying Station in Suffolk on simulated missions to find and strike targets.

On Wednesday, 14th November the aircraft will be replenished at a Forward Arming and Refuelling Point (FARP) set up at Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore.

3 Regt AACOs Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Nick English said: This is the culmination of a steady progression of training. It will test the skills of both air and ground crew, our logistic skills, mission planning and communications.

The Apache Attack Helicopter can operate in all weathers, day or night and detect, classify and prioritise up to 256 potential targets in a matter of seconds. It can deliver hard-hitting and effective support to ground forces during battle.

It can also carry out reconnaissance. From high above the action, it can observe enemy forces and pass information to troops on the ground.

The Wildcat can provide a range of tasks including reconnaissance and transportation of troops. During the exercise it will be providing force protection on the Exercise. The groundcrew will include Petroleum Specialists, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and Communication Specialists. The soldiers will need to conduct a site survey analysis, study the wind direction at the location, complete routine fuel testing and calculate expected resupply.