Insight into Army capabilities for young people

Surveillance, reconnaissance, combat aviation, heavy armour and armoured engineers; all in their natural environments; all working together to one aim.

More than 300 school children and cadets have visited the Army on Salisbury Plain.

The budding engineers saw the Army carry out an Urban Attack against an Enemy-Occupied Area in a demonstration of the wide range of sophisticated equipment and technical skills it has at its disposal.

Youngsters learned how the Army sets up independent communications systems across huge distances, and had the chance to move around on the mighty Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles, each weighing up to 28 tonnes and capable of speeds of up to 46mph.
They saw the logistical effort of moving a single item into an Operational Theatre, from its arrival either by air or sea, through the supply chain to the end user at an isolated point.
Having moved to a Royal Artillery exhibit of nine long and short range weapons systems, the young people had a chance to get hands on with the kit.  These systems could easily wipe out a small city, so they were set at “demonstrate only”.
Having familiarised themselves with some of the equipment, the children then observed an assault on a village from a tiered viewing platform.  They saw eight Challenger Tanks, each weighing in at up to 80 tonnes, thundering across the Plain at up to 30mph.

The Warriors joined in as support, both arriving through the crowd, serenaded by a cacophony of gunfire, with fast air support provided overhead by the arrival of Apache and Wildcat helicopters.  Soldiers entered buildings on foot, with cover provided by their colleagues, wearing go-pro cameras; all this broadcast to the crowd on vast TV screens so not a moment was missed.
A series of recovery vehicles then cleared a path by shunting or blowing up obstacles, including vehicles and cars, to enable the departure of all the troops.
After all the excitement, the youngsters had the chance to meet the crews, and vehicles again, and see a demonstration of future equipment.