British Army Cyber Challenge

As part of the Army‘s Year of Engineering yesterday over 60 local school children descended on Blandford Camp in Dorset to take part in an interactive Cyber Challenge to teach them about the exciting opportunities available in cyber security.

The day took the form of a jeopardy-style “Capture the Flag” competition, where the youngsters undertook challenges ranging from gathering data and cryptography to de-cyphering code, digital forensics and bug exploitation.

Each team had an Army mentor from the Royal Signals Cyber Protection Team on standby to help if they got stuck. Designed to complement the work the youngsters are already doing in the classroom, the challenge gave them the opportunity to learn about technical opportunities and about how cyber technology relates to the modern British Army.

Cpl James Maosa from the Royal Signals took time to speak to us: “This is such a brilliant event; it’s so great to be here, and to see these kids having a go and to see what the Army, and the Royal Signals, actually do.”

It was great to see so many enthusiastic young people today, all interested in cyber. Ms Krishna Dhanak, Head of Army Cyber Security

The Head of Army Cyber Security, Ms Krishna Dhanak, visited the event, and spoke to us afterwards: “It was great to see so many enthusiastic young people today, all interested in cyber! They were pretty impressive in tackling a range of complex challenges - the very same challenges that we present to soldiers who are already cyber trained - with confidence, enthusiasm and skill. They did really well today and I hope we see them coming through as recruits in the future.”