Household Cavalry prepare for Royal Wedding

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment will provide a travelling escort for the newly wed Prince Henry of Wales and his bride Ms Meghan Markle through Windsor on 19th May.

The event which will be broadcast live globally, will be a matter of huge pride and professional honour for the soldiers responsible and work is already underway behind the scenes to ensure they deliver a performance to make the nation and their brother officer proud.

Prince Harry joined The Blues and Royals in April 2006 and served with the Household Cavalry Regiment, serving operationally on the frontline in Afghanistan and rising to the rank of Captain.

Several of those who trained and served with him will be supporting “Mr Wales” (as they knew him) on his wedding day whether riding in the escort or as staircase liners on the steps of St George’s Chapel where the marriage service will take place.

Hyde Park Barracks

Today the world’s media got a glimpse behind the scenes at the regiment’s Hyde Park Barracks in Knightsbridge.

It helped them to understand the painstaking effort these soldiers go to to prepare their equipment and horses to an impeccable standard for ceremonial duties.

They learned about the training these soldiers also undergo to be among the finest frontline soldiers the British Army can deploy in battle.

The sovereign’s bodyguard, the Household Cavalry will selflessly sacrifice themselves to protect the monarch, on operations they push into enemy territory to gather vital intelligence.