RMP Close Protection Teams on show for NATO

The Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit has hosted the NATO Military Police Close Protection Conference at its base, Longmoor Training Camp in Hampshire over the last couple of days. 

It has provided a unique insight into this specialist unit and provided the opportunity to observe how they work collaboratively alongside our NATO partners.

The duties of the RMP Close Protection unit are akin to that of a bodyguard responsible for the close security and protection of senior military figures, civil servants and diplomats both within the UK and overseas.

Demonstrations of the Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit’s capabilities included, Individual Body Guard ‘reaction to attack’ including the use of unarmed and armed tactics in a series of evolving scenarios. First-hand demonstrations on how a team would clear a building, in one case a purpose designed training house replicating the residence of an ambassador. In another sequence, the close protection teams illustrated vehicle drills when coming under sustained attack from a would-be assassin which included tactical driving and extraction from the ambush.

The purpose of this forum was to enhance the capabilities of NATO Military Police (MP), foster interoperability, and provide subject matter expertise on MP activities for the development of MP standards and capabilities in order to support cooperation in accordance with the Alliance's Strategic Concept. In addition to the replicated real life scenarios, blank and simmuntion rounds were used throughout the demonstration in order to make the situations more realistic.