2 Yorks provide force protection in Afghanistan

SOLDIERS from The 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment, or 2 YORKS, are currently deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan in support of the NATO Resolute Support Mission.

2 YORKS are here as part of the Kabul Security Force providing Force Protection and transport for British Military mentors working to improve the efficiency of Afghanistan institutions and government departments. 2 YORKS Guardian Angel’s, or GA’s, will deploy alongside the mentors in and around Kabul creating a ring of steel ensuring that they can conduct their mission safely in a hostile environment.

One of the locations where mentors are used is at the Afghanistan National Army Officer Academy. Members of all three services that feature a variety of trades, locations and ranks will overlook the training that is delivered by the Afghanistan Army ensuring that they deliver a concise training package.

2 YORKS also provide Quick Reaction Force in Kabul in support of Afghan Security Forces who have primacy, reacting to incidents as directed by Commander of British Forces & Kabul Security Force Designate Brigadier Simon L Humphrey.

If 2 YORKS do deploy on the ground they will generally utilise the Foxhound. The Foxhound is the perfect vehicle for this role. Replacing the British Army Snatch Land Rover, the Foxhound has a reinforced V-shaped hull ideal for protection against Improvised Explosive Devices. Along with a top speed of 82mph and wheels which turn independently along with being able to operate the vehicle even if one of the wheels suffers a catastrophic failure.

2 YORKS are also assisted by the Royal Air Force and their Puma Mark 2’s which fly out of Hamid Karzai International Airport. The Puma’s can assist with the movement of mentors along with providing emergency casualty evacuation if required.

In a couple of months 2 YORKS will hand over to 1st Battalion The Welsh Guards in Kabul who are currently finishing their final exercise in Wales before deploying to Afghanistan.