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British Army is a Centrica Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer

The British Army has been recognised in the prestigious Centrica Top 100 Apprenticeship Employer list, which is compiled annually by the National Apprenticeship Service and recognises excellence in businesses that employ apprentices.

The list was announced at the National Apprenticeship Awards, which took place today, 18 January, at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, where the Army, as the UK’s largest employer provider of apprenticeships sponsored an award.

After a tough selection process the most exceptional apprenticeship employers from all of the National Apprenticeship Awards employer categories feature in the list, which showcases the breadth of employers who now offer apprenticeships.

Colonel Colette Macdonald OBE, spokesperson for Army Apprenticeships, said: “We are delighted to be recognised in the top 100 Apprentice employers again this year. The Army is absolutely committed to ensuring our soldiers get world leading training and there is no doubt our soldiers benefit from their Apprentice programmes.”

In October, the British Army celebrated its 75,000th apprenticeship completion since 2004. And about 95 per cent of new soldiers study on the Army Apprenticeship Programme (AAP), with 7,500 Army personnel completing their apprenticeship each year.

Opportunities to undertake apprenticeships exist across most of the Army’s core trades, including Engineering and Telecoms (STEM), animal care, business admin, carpentry, intelligence analysis, medical care, policing and catering to name just a few of the more than 40 apprenticeships available on the AAP.

Col Macdonald added: “Feedback, like this quote from Lance Corporal Malloy is not uncommon, ‘The Apprenticeship has given me the tools to pursue qualifications and responsibilities and the confidence to apply the skills I have learned.’  The Army will be celebrating the success of their top Apprentices later this year at the Army Apprentice Awards during National Apprentice Week.”

Apprenticeships provide soldiers with capabilities that benefit their Army career, but are also recognised and valued by other employers should they choose to transition to civilian life.

Learn more about Army Apprenticeships here

  • Apprenticeships available include:
  • Engineering - REME
  • Engineering Maintenance – RAC, Inf, REME
  • Aeronautical Engineering - REME
  • Aviation / Aviation Ops on the Ground - AAC
  • Professional Cookery - RLC
  • Hospitality Supervision - RLC
  • Animal (Equine) Care – RAC, RA
  • Driving Goods Vehicles – RA, RLC, Inf, R Sigs, RE
  • Mail Services - RLC
  • Information and Communications Technology Practitioner – RAC, RA, AAC, Inf, R Sigs
  • Warehousing & Storage – REME, RLC, R Sigs
  • Policing - RMP
  • International Trade & Logistics - RLC
  • Logistics Operations – AAC, RLC, Inf, R Sigs
  • Clinical Healthcare Support – Def Med Services
  • Plant Ops (Construction) - RE
  • Public Services Operational Delivery - Inf
  • Plumbing & Heating - RE
  • Electrician – R Sigs, RE
  • Fabrication / welding – RE, REME
  • Brickwork and Concreting - RE
  • Carpentry - RE
  • Maintenance Operations (Construction) - RE
  • Explosives Storage & Maintenance – RLC
  • Intelligence Analysis – Int Corps
  • Service Working Dog – RAVC
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care – Def Med Services
  • Business Admin – SPS