2 SCOTS Deploy to Iraq

Scots soldiers deploy in vital Middle-East training and support role to counter Daesh.

More than 100 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS) have deployed today 4th December 2017) to undertake a vital training and mentoring role in Iraq. They left for the task from their base at Glencorse Barracks in Penicuik, near Edinburgh.

We have been training for this mentoring mission for the last six months Major Ollie Bridle

The troops will join over 600 British soldiers in the country in non-combat roles, helping to train Iraqi forces to counter Daesh in the region on an operation named Operation Shader.

Over the last three years UK forces have helped train over 58,000 Iraqi Security Forces, in skills including countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), infantry skills, combat medical techniques and engineering skills.

With the addition of the 2 SCOTS personnel, the UK commitment from all three services to the fight against Daesh across the Middle East now numbers just over 1,400.

The personnel from 2 SCOTS have been training for this role for the past six months, including a challenging mission rehearsal exercise, which saw them tested to the maximum for two weeks.

Commander of C Company, Major Ollie Bridle, said:

“We have been training for this mentoring mission for the last six months and we are looking forward to passing on our considerable soldiering skills to the Iraqi Security Forces, to allow them secure the future of their own country.”